Triple H Discusses Potential of Ronda Rousey in WWE

The former multi-time world champion was speaking with ESPN when the subject of Ronda came up, with speculation running rampant as of late that she’s currently gearing up for a proper run inside the squared circle.

For those of you who don’t know, Rousey is a former UFC champion and was one considered to be one of the biggest superstars in the history of mixed martial arts. As one of the first big female break out stars she led the way for women in MMA, which eventually made her decline all the more dramatic.

Back-to-back losses at the hands of Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes left Rousey on the outside looking in, with it being clear to many that her days in the octagon were all but over.

As of late, however, Ronda has re-surfaced by appearing at the Mae Young Classic in order to support her fellow Four Horsewoman member Shayna Baszler.

A lot of fans started to believe that maybe, just maybe this is where Ronda would make the jump to sports entertainment, and Triple H seems to be on board with the idea.

“First things first, she has the passion,” Triple H told ESPN. She’s loved this business for a long time. She’s enamoured with it. She’s enamoured with the entertainment component of it and the physicality of it. If it’s something she wants to do, I think she’d be great at it because she would dedicate herself just like she has to everything else in her life.”

This isn’t the first time that this kind of story has developed, with Rousey formerly appearing at WrestleMania 31 during an in-ring segment with The Rock, Stephanie McMahon and The Game himself.

Her commitments with the UFC prevented her from doing anything official in terms of actually working matches for WWE, but now the road is clear for a new venture – which could end up raising Ronda’s stock to even higher levels than ever before.

She certainly has the charisma and talent to make it work long term, but even if it was a part time deal like Brock Lesnar it’d still be fascinating to see how she fares. Who knows, perhaps it’ll even lead to her transitioning back over to the UFC one day.