William Hill UK Election Betting

Get a £50 free bet from William Hill when betting on the General Election, with betting markets for a whole range of political outcomes and party specials

Get a £50 free bet from William Hill when betting on the General Election, with betting markets for a whole range of political outcomes and party specials.

Voting will take place up and down the country on Thursday 7th May to elect Members of Parliament to seats in the House of Commons and as each party fights to gain the most votes, there are plenty of opportunities to bet on various election outcomes.

With 326 seats needed for a majority, the Conservative’s 306 at the last election was not enough and resulted in a hung pariliment before a coalition agreement was formed with the Liberal Democrats who had won only 57 seats, while Labour won 258 seats.

In 2015 it looks like being another direct battle between Conservative and Labour with David Cameron and Ed Miliband doing their utmost to promote their own manifesto, while simultaneously discrediting the opposing party’s policies. The Liberal Democrats are as ever playing second fiddle to the big two, but this time around Nick Clegg’s party could even fall behind Nigel Farage’s UK Independance Party, with some opinion polls even having the Green Party, headed by Natalie Bennett, ahead of the Lib Dems.

Here are the highlights of one of the recent general election debates with Jeremy Paxman giving both the Conservative and Labour leaders a grilling in ‘Cameron & Miliband: The Battle for Number 10’

General Election Betting

William Hill’s General Election result market has the outcome of no overall majority at long odds-on, so there is plenty of value to be had for those fancying a punt on the next Prime Minister or either a Conservative majority or Labour majority, with the remaining parties at incredibly long odds.

A range of General Election specials vary from odds on things as unexpected as a Labour/Conservative Coalition to betting on Labour or the Tories to win at least one seat in Scotland and a market for whether the Liberal Democrats will form part of a coalition. There are also markets for both Clegg and Farage to win/lose their constituencies and of course, betting on which party will receive the most votes at the General Election.

With the electorate needing to have registered in order to be eligible to vote by Monday 20th April, the overall turnout could well be affected. William Hill offer prices on the general Election turnout for the following percentage brackets; Under 55%, 55-60%, Over 60% – 65%, Over 65% – 70%, Over 70% – 75% & Over 75%.

Get a £50 free bet on William Hill when betting on the UK General Election

Party Seats Betting

Some of the best election betting can be found in William Hill’s seats markets with various ways to back your opinion on who will beat who and gain the most seats.

The firm have priced up some ‘To Win More Seats’ match bets between the parties with prices for w/d/w much like a traditional football market. Punters can bet on Greens v Respect, UKIP v Plaid Cymru, SNP v Lib Dem, and of course, Conservatives v Labour.

Then there’s betting on the total number of seats which can be done on a party by party basis with various brackets (e.g Conservative 251-275 Seats) each having odds, while the smaller parties have prices for the exact amount of seats.

If that sounds too precise then perhaps the Over/Under market will be more appealing with William Hill simplifying the betting and providing a pre-determined total number of seats, which you can then bet on a party getting more or less than. For example; bet Over/Under 3.5 Total UKIP Seats, with 4 seats or more required for the over bet to win and 3 or fewer for the under bet to win.

General election betting, UKIP Specials at William Hill, register for a £50 free bet

UKIP Specials

Rarely a day goes by when the often controversial Nigel Farage isn’t in the news and his UK Independance Party has certainly increased it’s profile since the last election, prompting William Hill to price up some UKIP specials.

Punters can bet on the next UKIP leader and total seats won by the party at the General Election with the odds suggesting Douglas Carswell and Patrick O’Flynn will be the main contenders to succeed Farage ahead of Diane James and Suzanne Evans.

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