Win £50 Free Cash With BetVictor Games 5050 Sport Golf Title

Predict eight correct outcomes in 5050Sports Golf at BetVictor Games to win £50 free cash.

Predict eight correct outcomes in 5050Sports Golf at BetVictor Games to win £50 free cash

The 2014 Ryder Cup is days away from tee-off on Friday 26 September, and BetVictor Games are taking the opportunity to launch the Golf version of their 5050 Sports range, offering £50 free cash also for those who get their golfing predictions right on the game between 25-28 September 2014.

BetVictor Games offer a host of unique prediction-based sports titles called 5050 Sports, endorsed by famous sports stars including Michael Owen. These games essentially required players to watch clips from the specific sporting event it is themed around, and bet on what happens next in the clip to win money in the game with a 50-50 outcome to pick from.

The latest edition to their portfolio is Darren Clarke’s 5050 Golf, featuring a selction of real video clips from the world of golf introduced by the triple PGA Tour champion to reminisce over, and potentially win money on if your knowledge is up to scratch.

As a bonus incentive, BetVictor Games are offering a £50 free cash bonus to any players who can correctly guess a streak of eight answers in a row anytime between the promotion period of 25-28 September only.

This can be partaken by new and existing customers, BetVictor offering a free games bonus of up to £175 for those who wager a total of £5,000 in total over the first month of becoming a new member.

The free cash prize is fully withdrawable from your account, games available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet devices.

The golf title is just one of several 5050 Sports games to enjoy. Among others include Michael Owen’s 5050, which features a selection of real football clips, while Michael Vaughan introduces a cricket version, Ricky Hatton a boxing edition and Simon Whitlock finally represents a darts example.

The likes of Viv Anderson and Jim Rosenthal also feature among BetVictor’s sports games, which add a raft of arcade games based on a number of the world’s most popular sporting events. On the theme of betting on the outcome of real events, another addition to BetVictor Games includes ‘Real Crash’, featuring thrilling clips of actual motorsport crashes from Formula One, Motorcycle racing and Rallying whilst you predict the outcome of each.

BetVictor Games provides a slick and contemporary website offering more than 500 top quality flash games that can be played instantly in your browser.

The website uses advanced encryption technology which has been rigorously tested and verified, BetVictor Games licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.