BetVictor Bet Calculator: Making Your Returns A Whole Lot Easier

Need an easier way to calculate your betting returns? BetVictor’s bet calculator will be your new betting best friend and help you streamline your wagering.

It’s the perfect way to discover how much you will win, no matter what bet you want to place. Whether it be an accumulator, single bet or even a Super Heinz Flag - BetVictor has you covered.

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What Is BetVictor’s Bet Calculator

BetVictor’s Bet Calculator is precisely what it says on the tin - it’s a calculator that calculates how much you will win should your bet come through.

It’ll work out your potential returns, so you don’t have to. A tool well worth using before your weekend of Premier League betting, it’ll make your online gambling more efficient and will almost certainly allow you to manage your bankroll a little better.

How Do I Use BetVictor’s Bet Calculator

Using BetVictor’s Bet Calculator is so simple. You’ll be asked to add several details about your bet, and then BetVictor will calculate your potential returns.

  1. First, enter your bet details and choose your bet type. Details include the number of selections, the odds format and whether it’s an each-way bet
  2. You can add outcomes to your bet by clicking “add row!
  3. Enter your stake and press calculate
  4. You can choose your bet type by clicking one of the options towards the bottom of the page.