£1 Million Challenge available at Racingstars

£1 Million Challenge available only on is a peer to peer horse race pool-betting platform which puts gambling for social reasons in the first place, and puts the gambler first. They realised that the current options were not a good fit for gambling, and were not able to innovate in their offering to consumers and didn’t provide that sense of community that is so important to sport! They’ve created a (patent waiting to be granted) new system that lets players bet all day long for a single stake that means they can provide long-term involvement, and offer something exciting and fresh to the players and stay their faith in responsible and socially-conscious peer to betting.

How to Play £1 Million Grand National Day Challenge

  1. Register Before the first race
  2. Buy 50 Tokens – Purchase price £10
  3. Pick Your Horses To win £1 Million
Racing Stars Comp


Racing Stars was created by the one and only horse guru Steve whose love for racing horses saw a need in the betting market for you the gambler. We thought why not offer you the chance to enjoy an all-day fascination in a classic accumulator style without needing to track your losses or make an enormous bet to win a huge prize. This is the place comes in tiny stakes, massive prizes, and never having to chase your losses!

£1 million, and the best way to enter to win

To mark the latest version of our platform the day of “Grand National Day” they will be hosting a special contest where £1 million is available for the winner and everyone is eligible. Players who deposit funds are automatically entered into an exclusive competition for one day to take home an amount equal to the £1 million jackpot. Register, purchase your tokens and then place your bet. It’s as simple as it seems! The method to be a winner of £1 million in the £1 Million challenge is by choosing the horses that will be in the seven races at Aintree which score the most possible points.

Points System

Here’s how the points systems work: first place awards you five times the amount you paid for the entry For example, winning a 10-1/100 chance will earn you 50 points! The second is a three-times multiplier. Third is a two-time multiplier and fourth is a one multiplier. The calculation is dependent on numbers of participants in a race that is 4-horse, only the first place prize will be awarded. 7 horses in a race will pay the first and second. The 8-12-year-old runner pays first, second , and third. 13+ players will be paid for the entire four spots. If you’re aware of how points work, let’s go over the steps to bet. Pick one horse for every race that will be held at the Aintree meeting on the 9th April. Check your choices then watch the points pour into.

Leagues and Referring a Friend

After you’ve selected the horses you want to race, there are many options on the website, including joining an informal league, referring to your buddies, and selecting the race for tomorrow. Mini leagues are an excellent option to challenge your colleagues and friends with a smaller-stakes game at no additional cost. Keep the trophy from your office on your desk, with bragging rights! You can also join our ambassador’s league and challenge the best presenters and punters in the business. The Refer a Friend scheme is a great opportunity to get your friends engaged while earning a free day of play for both of you! Each time you refer a friend, you’ll receive bonus tokens for the day’s racing! The more friends you recommend, the more tokens you’ll receive, as well as a free day to gamble and still the running to win the daily jackpot that is huge. Another thing you should do when on the site is to set up your own mini-league. Once your league has been established, all of your players are registered on the site and you’ve already received your bonus tokens. You can spend the tokens and pick tomorrow’s racing while you’re on the site. This will allow you to be ahead of your competitors and ensure that you don’t be late for a race.

Marius Hrebenciuc

Marius Hrebenciuc

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