Aztec Rising £10000 Community Challenge - 888Ladies

The instant game challenge is on at 888Ladies with the new multiplayer slot, Aztec Rising Challenge Edition, worth up to a free £10,000 every seven minutes.Play in real time against other players on the Joy network for a share of two community jackpots which pay up to £10,000.Launch Aztec Rising from the Instants Tab and hunt for treasure in the jungle to climb up the leaderboard where you could win a share of £10,000 every 7 minutes.There are two leaderboards, red and blue, and as you play you'll earn points onto both leaderboards. The more points you earn the higher you'll climb and since you're competing against players across the Joy Of Bingo network, the jackpots will be huge.Score three or more Challenge Edition symbols on any payline to earn points on the red leaderboard and you can win points at random on the blue leaderboard, regardless of the symbol display. The tournaments last seven minutes and at the end, the community jackpots on each leaderboard will be paid out to the top 10 players only and a new game will start straight away.Join 888Ladies today and take part in the Aztec Rising Community Challenge