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Betting odds for Conor McGregor ‘dream’ fights

As reported by Paddy Power, odds are already being given and bets are already being taken for potential Conor McGregor dream fights that could happen within the next twelve months and beyond.

The Notorious One has been riding a wave of success for the last few years now, ever since he managed to dethrone Jose Aldo in order to become the undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion. His rise has been one that will likely be documented for decades and decades to come, which begs the question as to why on earth he’d even consider coming back to the octagon.

Because, in short, he loves it. The Irishman clearly wants to continue competing despite how much he’s earned in the sport, and that’s admirable if nothing else. In terms of the dream matches that are available for fans to bet on, we’ll start off with the Brazilian superstar who we’ve already mentioned – Jose Aldo.

A move back down to the 145 division isn’t going to be favourable among many, including Conor himself, mainly because he looked extremely unwell when he last attempted to cut weight down to that level.

Still, there would probably be a great deal of appeal behind seeing these two throw down again – and according to Paddy Power, Conor would be the favourite at 4/9 meanwhile Aldo is out to 7/5 with few believing that he’d be able to exact revenge for his 13 second loss to the 29-year-old.

Then we come to the fight that many want to see and many others don’t: the trilogy fight with Nate Diaz. Unsurprisingly, Conor comes in at 4/11 meanwhile Nate is bizarrely as far out as 17/10. We say bizarrely, because Diaz was able to manhandle McGregor in the first fight and even looked like he may win the decision in the second.

To round out the dream fight betting odds we’ve got Conor coming in as an underdog at 6/5 against Tyron Woodley, with the welterweight king being favoured to retain his title at 4/7. That one is hardly shocking, but what may come as a surprise to some is that McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are both set at 5/6 in a pick’em toss-up of sorts.

Now obviously these odds will waiver if and when these four showcase events take place, but for now it’s fun to take part in some fantasy booking if nothing else. After all, we won’t be seeing Conor until at least December.