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Final match betting odds for Johnson vs Borg ahead of UFC 215

We’re just a few days out from UFC 215, and the under-appreciated event looks set to make a lot of headlines one way or another. With two title fights and a thoroughly entertaining undercard to look forward to, it’s no wonder that hardcore MMA fans are looking forward to seeing what transpires in Edmonton.

Above all else, though, the majority of people will be tuning in to see whether or not Demetrious Johnson can break the record for consecutive UFC title defences. The Flyweight Champion will defend his belt against youngster Ray Borg, with many feeling as if it’s almost a certainty that DJ will walk away with the title and the record intact.

In terms of the betting odds, as covered by Sky Bet, it’s obvious that Johnson is the favourite at 1/10 meanwhile Borg is all the way out at 6/1. Still, that doesn’t quite tell the entire story with the bout expected to go the distance by many.

If the odds are to be believed then DJ’s best chance certainly lies in a victory by decision, meanwhile Borg’s best bet may well be through submission as he is currently at 12/1 in comparison to 14/1 on points.

In all fairness Johnson isn’t exactly well known for his stoppages, although some will fail to realise that he has picked up both submissions and knockouts throughout his tenure as champion. That being said, it will all be for nothing if he ends up losing the belt in the Great White North this weekend.

Borg is still a relative newcomer at the age of just 24, which highlights the biggest problem with the division that many have pointed out in the past: there’s a distinct lack of depth.

A lot of people want to see Johnson move up in weight to face the likes of TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt in the aftermath of this fight, but that seems to be at the back of Demetrious’ mind right now.

Back to the betting, with Johnson getting a finish of any kind between rounds 1 and 5 being offered to fans at just 5/4. On the contrary, Borg is 8/1 to shock the world and become only the second Flyweight Champ in UFC history.

It seems extremely unlikely that we’ll see much of an upset this Saturday, but if the last few years have taught us anything it’s to expect the unexpected when it comes to big time mixed martial arts title fights.