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Mayweather McGregor Betting Tips, Preview and Predictions

It’s nearly here! Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor is just a few weeks away and like all of you, we can’t wait!

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Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor Betting Tips

The 26th August is just around the corner and the excitement, predictions, and of course betting offers are building.

It’ll be Mayweather’s first return to the Last Vegas strip since his last fight against Andre Berto almost two years ago, shortly after announcing his retirement. The fight, which will be an all boxing tie, obeying every boxing rule, is expected to land the pair millions, with PPV bookings expected to cost as much as $100.

All for a tie that sees Mayweather a clear favourite at 1/8 with Ladbrokes. For the boxing purist, this one is a no brainer and reaction to the tie has been mixed, with many saying it’s making a mockery of the sport. For Mayweather, it’s all about business and at 49-0 he knows how to get that done.

Profiling the Fighters

Conor McGregor

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 70kg

Reach: 74.0 inches

Fighting Record: 24-21-3

Net Worth: £26million

Floyd Mayweather

Age: 40

Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 68kg

Reach: 72.0 inches

Fighting Record: 49-49-0

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He’ll go into the tie looking to go beyond Rocky Marciano’s incredible record and make it 50-0 and the bookies are saying he’ll likely do that by knockout, despite him having knocked out an opponent since 2011, and even that was controversial.

It says all you need to know about what the media are saying McGregor, despite him having never been knocked out. His record of 21-3 does show there is weakness there but a 13 second win against the great Jose Aldo suggests he will go out on the attack.

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Should he do that, it’ll certainly make for a quick fight either way. Mayweather’s masterful defence could expose McGregor and knock him down for the first time, while the Irishman’s energy could make history at 6/1 and stop Mayweather for the first ever time.

If Mayweather gets his way, which most likely he will, we’ll expect a stoppage in the latter rounds. His quality has been far too much for some of the best boxers of their generation, and he dealt with the energy of Ricky Hatton back in 2007 comfortably. That ended in a 10th round stoppage, with Hatton well and truly running out of steam after being knocked down by Pretty Boy, and this is the way it’ll likely go.

A 10th round stoppage looks good at 16/1, although a few rounds earlier could be a nice punt with round 7 at 12/1. Having never been in the boxing ring for 12 rounds, it’ll undoubtedly catch up with him and McGregor could look like a rabbit caught in the headlights as the fight goes on.

Mayweather’s classy approach and vast experience against a man who is not a boxer, could make for one of the most disappointing fights of all time. To give McGregor his due however, the UFC really don’t think so.

Dana White has said his aggression could cause Mayweather problems, while the sport’s Nate Diaz has said McGregor could make something happen in the first two to three rounds. Anything from there though and it really is Floyd’s fight.

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The build up to this one will be interesting, with plenty of hype going on across the world. McGregor will no doubt build himself up in what could be some entertaining stuff. Let’s hope he’s as entertaining in the ring too.

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Where Can You Watch Mayweather v McGregor

Well, if you’re lucky enough, and perhaps have the large amounts of cash to pay for a ticket, you could head to Las Vegas and watch it at the brand new T-Mobile Arena, close to the MGM Grand where of course Floyd created a boxing dynasty.

With just over a month to go, tickets are selling on third party websites for as much as £85,000 for a ringside seat, so your pockets best run deep.

Of course though, you can just book it at home. In the USA, viewers will be charged $99 (£76) to watch the fight, but lucky UK viewers will be charged the standard boxing rate of £19.95 to view it on Sky Sports Box Office.

What’s Happened So Far?

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What’s happened in Press Conferences. Since the fight was announced, it’s hardly been away from the headlines and now the press tour is underway you can hardly miss it. It’s been an eventful one as you’d expect from the two fighters with McGregor doing his absolute best to unsettle the greatest boxer of his generation.

They’ve been broken up multiple times during the staredown and plenty of potshots have been taken. McGregor has insulted Mayweather’s tracksuit, while the Pretty Boy has had more than a say on the Irishman’s three submissions.

The four date tour began on July 11 wrapping up in London and we didn’t really learn an awful lot. We received once more that Mayweather is a fantastic salesman, and we had it confirmed that McGregor really is confident in his ability. Yet many men have been against Mayweather.

Floyd ended the tour saying, “God only made one thing perfect, and that’s my boxing record.”

In more recent weeks there have been debates about gloves with Mayweather requesting to switch the fight from 10 oz gloves to 8 oz. 10 oz gloves are usually mandatory at middleweight and it does seem a strange request from a man who has suffered brittle fists in the past and all in all isn’t a renowned knock-out artist.

It’s a huge U-turn from Floyd, who in many of his fights has been incredibly argumentative and particular about gloves.

McGregor has reacted quite nonchalantly about it, mainly because he’s used to not really wearing any. It’s all a bit handbags at dawn. Until fight night that is.  

Will The Rules Be Different?

Since talks began of these two meeting, the rules have been one of the hotly debated topics. Will we get to see Floyd kick and grapple? The answer is no, quite simply. It will follow the standard boxing rules. The Queensbury Rules as we so like to call them, meaning Conor McGregor will have his fists and his fists alone…

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Who Will We See On The Undercard?

Another hotly debated question is who will we see before Floyd and Conor? With just a few weeks to go names are beginning to be confirmed, and, unsurprisingly, they’re mostly with Mayweather’ promotion company.


Confirmed first was Savannah Marshall, who will be making her pro debut and opening the night. The Hartlepool born 26-year-old was the first ever women’s amateur champion and will be opening up proceedings.

Gervonta Davis has been confirmed and is most likely going to face Roman Martinez. Davis is a real hot prospect at 22 and produced a stunning win against Jose Pedraza back in January.

Elsewhere Shawn Porter is expected to face Thomas Dulorme, while Badou Jack is also appearing on the undercard with his opponent still unknown.

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