Update on Mayweather-McGregor betting as Conor hype train continues

As we steam roll towards August 26th the excitement for ‘The Money Fight’ continues to build with fans all around the world throwing money at the bookies like it’s going out of fashion.
Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor
August 26,2017

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The bout, which is being deemed the biggest in combat sports history, is generating a ridiculous amount of attention both online and around the globe.

That’s hardly surprising given the nature of the spectacle, but what may be surprising to some is that Conor’s odds are dropping at a rate that few could’ve anticipated. The Irishman clearly has a lot of people expecting an upset, despite the fact that this is set to be one of the most lopsided boxing fights of all time.

We’ll take a look at Paddy Power as the central figure for this piece, with several specialised bets being featured as you’d expect. The smart money is obviously still with Floyd at 1/5 to win, however, Conor is as low as 7/2 now with a victory by KO/TKO in at a staggering 9/2.

By contrast Money Mayweather, who hasn’t knocked out an opponent for nearly six years, is 8/13 on to get the KO/TKO victory whilst a standard decision win comes in at 2/1. In our minds that seems like the perfect way to make some money if you’re short, because Conor’s chin alone should tell you that a knockout isn’t as likely as some people are making it out to be.

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In terms of the actual action things certainly favour the American, with McGregor 1/5 to land less than 50 punches and Mayweather being 4/6 on to win within the first 10 rounds. Sure it’s farcical in many ways, but the betting markets alone are enough to keep many of us entertained throughout what is sure to be one of the biggest circus acts in sporting history.

As you can see here the trend continues with many top bookmarkers putting Mayweather at 1/5 with Conor at 7/2, however, the likes of Sky Bet and William Hill are a touch more on the realistic side with 1/6 odds for the undefeated superstar.

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We aren’t expecting many hardcore boxing fans to actively pursue watching this fight and that’s completely understandable, but if you’re a casual supporter of either man then we suggest you have a long hard think about whether you want to miss out on history.

After all either corner to throw in the towel stands at 5/1 – so are you brave enough?

5/1 on either corner to throw in the towel @Paddy Power

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