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A New Face of Roulette: Introducing Boule

A New Face of Roulette: Introducing Boule 

Roulette players from around the world will probably think that they are familiar with every conceivable format of the game. After all, the majority of modern interpretations have been evolved from the classic European, American and French formats of the game, while the majority of the available bets and rules remain unchanged.

There is a growing trend for new and inventive games, however, which borrow heavily from the traditional roulette template before being embellished with some unique and unusual twists. One of the best examples is the French game La Boule, which is currently available on the Betfred Casino website and includes an alternative betting table.

Boule for Beginners

So what exactly is Boule? Essentially, it is a relatively simple game with French origins that has a number of similarities with classic Roulette. Despite this, the wheel and betting table are noticeably different, with the former boasting just nine numbers and a total of four landing spots as opposed to the traditional 36. This variation impacts heavily on the betting options available to players, as they are more restricted in terms of choice and subsequently have a greater chance of winning with specific wagers. While they can still choose between odd or even and red or black, ‘inside bets’ on single numbers offer far higher odds of winning and proportionally lower returns.


The game works in a similar way to roulette. Bets are called for and placed while the wheel is set in motion, before the ball is released and players must remove their hands from the table. The ball will then spin randomly with the wheel, before eventually settling in one of two concentric rings and the four available landing spots. These concentric rings have the numbers one through nine listed in order, appearing twice on each ring and theoretically offering participants two chances to win depending on their choice of bet.

The Odds and Pay-outs

Single number bets pay out at an enticing 8.4 to 1, meaning that players with a healthy appetite for risk can profit when playing Boule. Odds and evens wagers are slightly different due to the presence of uneven numbers, and these outside bets pay-out at a general rate of 2.1 to 1.

On a final note, it is important to recognise the importance of the number five in the game of Boule. This is the equivalent of the number zero on a European Roulette wheel, with only straight-up bets placed on the number five if the ball lands within this slot. All other bets will lose, so bear this in mind when placing outside bets on odds.