How the European Super League Will Affect Football Betting

Even if you have no interest in football, or sport as a whole, you will have heard about the plans to form a European Super League this weekend.

These reveal that clubs are trying to form a new breakaway league to play against the best in Europe every season, with 15 ‘founder’ clubs permanently in the league and no relegation from it.

The full details of the European Super League can be found anywhere, it’s impact on domestic leagues, what will happen to the clubs in it and more. What we want to look at here is how the European Super League will affect football betting.

There are three aspects of betting that are going to be affected here, and these are big ones too, they are going to have a massive impact on how we all place our bets.

Two will impact the European Super League, so if you are one of the many fans who are simply going to ignore this competition then you won’t have to deal with those.

However, there is one impact that will feed into the domestic leagues that these teams will play in, assuming of course they get their own way and are able to play in them.

No Relegation Betting in European Super League

The European Super League is going to adapt a franchise model, with 15 clubs being permanent members of the league, plus a further five joining in and qualifying in some way yet to be officially announced.

This means no relegation betting, one of the highlights of the football season for many punters.

Some choose to go early at the start of the season, others go in around Christmas and some leave it until now before picking out a team who they see as falling through the league.

However you do your relegation betting, the European Super League will be able to offer you nothing along those lines, which is very disappointing to see.

Meaningless Games

One of the reasons for the creation of the European Super League is to allegedly lower the number of meaningless games, but looking at things from a betting point of view, we could actually see more.

Teams will be split into two bigger groups and those at the top will qualify for the knockout round. However, those at the bottom have nothing to play for from the minute they are unable to qualify for the knockout round.

There is no Europa League spot up for grabs, and if you finish bottom, there is no chance of relegation.

If a team gets off to a bad start, they could find themselves playing multiple meaningless games to end the season.

Purely from a betting point of view, this is not good at all, and will not appeal to punters out there, as these games would be glorified friendlies in many cases.

Uncompetitive Domestic Leagues

There is a lot of talk surrounding the future of domestic football because of this and no one knows what will happen right now.

However, if the teams are allowed to remain in the Premier League, then you should be prepared for football to become far more uncompetitive when the big six are involved.

Currently, clubs get around £100 million for being in the Premier League, those who win the Champions League would get the same again. The European Super League has suggested over £300 million per season going to the teams involved.

The only alternative revenue stream for those not in it is some new European tournament that will be formed, or a new version of the Champions League.

This is unlikely to give out the £100 million prize like before though, so we will see a gulf of close to £300 million in prize money, before we begin to contemplate shirt sales and other worldwide branding superiority.

That would lead to the rich becoming richer, and those in behind trying to feed off the scraps that were left behind.

With this kind of money to invest, the ‘top 6’ who were in the European Super League would become the only possible winners of the Premier League.

Would you want to bet on a league like that? With not chance of an upset, and having to look at alternative betting markets such as handicap betting to ensure parity amongst the teams involved?

Would we see teams like Manchester City with a -3 handicap start against those below them, just to try and make things an even bet?

Yes, we currently have good and bad teams, but the chances of an upset are certainly still there. Ask fans of Leicester, West Ham and Leeds this season, they have all done it. We don’t want that to be a thing of the past for football gamblers.

Craig Jones

Craig Jones

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