Coronavirus Betting

Coronavirus Sports Betting: How Will Coronavirus Betting be Affected?

Coronavirus Cancelling Sports

We are seeing the effect of coronavirus, sports are being cancelled rapidly.

Some leagues remain and you can bet on those while others are being suspended or played behind closed doors.

Could coronavirus Premier League suspension be the next move we see after La Liga cancelled games?

Coronavirus Grand National Betting

Discussions are currently taking place about a number of sporting events. 

Due to the coronavirus, Grand National meeting at Aintree has been cancelled in its entirety.

The Grand National was due to take place in April but has now been cancelled with no current news on a future date.

The Grand National odds of the race not taking place were trading at short odds on and, following the advice of the government to avoid unnecessary contact, the news came as no surprise.

Coronavirus Euro 2020 Betting

This particular event, Euro 2020 is in serious doubt. 

For the first time, numerous host nations are involved and so is a lot of travelling. 

Another problem is the leagues cancelling games domestically right now. 

Would a coronavirus Premier League suspension mean a June finish, which would then clash with Euro 2020?

La Liga and Serie A have already cancelled games and will need more time to finish their season, if they finish at all. 

As things stand now, we would need a big turnaround for the Euro 2020 Championships to go ahead.

Coronavirus Sports Betting

Another big event to take place this year is the Olympics. 

If due to coronavirus sports are cancelled through the summer then the Olympics are definitely in doubt.

One positive is they are not scheduled to start until the end of July, additional time will help. 

As more news is released, expect to see coronavirus betting markets formed surrounding if the Olympics will take place. 

Due to coronavirus Champions League could also be in doubt. 

We haven’t seen any games cancelled just yet, but those taking place next week are unlikely to be played. 

With domestic leagues being delayed, the potential for Euro 2020 to be called off, we could see the Champions League abandoned.