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FIFA Esports Betting

How Does FIFA Esports Work

FIFA gameplay is no different from your average professional football match, the principal difference being that rather than 11 players playing it’s one individual controlling the whole team.

Pro-gamers battle for possession of the ball in an attempt to win the game within the allotted time and the same rules that apply to a professional football match apply during a game of FIFA.

Player fatigue and cards handed out for fouls are factors that gamers must take into account, as a football manager or player would normally.

The game is largely based on tactics, player selection and individual skill. The level at which professional gamers play FIFA is beyond what the average household player can achieve and this is reflected in the prize money gamers are rewarded for their hard-work at major tournaments.

Games can last anywhere between 8 and 40 minutes, with the game split into halves as you’d expect, though the majority of games involved in FIFA Esports betting are shorter.

FIFA is heavily sponsored, which allows full access to player names and profiles, as well as team kits and stadiums. This adds to the realism of the game and makes the whole FIFA Esports betting experience much more enjoyable.

FIFA Esports Major Events in 2020

FIFA tournaments are held throughout the year, which are mainly part of the FIFA20 Global Series, as well as hundreds of smaller independent cups that are not part of the official pro-series.

We’ll give you a run-down of all the major events here…

  • FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments – EA Sports teamed up with 20 leagues around the globe to allow players to represent their favourite clubs.
  • FIFA eChampions League – With a prize pool of $280,000, this three-stage qualifier attracts thousands of international players with the Final taking place on May 29, 2020.
  • FIFA Majors – eNations Cup (May 22 – 24, 2020) and eClub World Cup (Date TBC) – The two biggest tournaments of the year and certainly the most popular amongst players.
  • FIFA Global Series Playoffs – (June 19 – 26, 2020) The ultimate tournament for online players; the top 64 players in the Global Rankings meet to battle for a prize pool of $250,000.
  • FIFA eWorld Cup – (Date TBC) The eWorld Cup offers the broadest range of Esports FIFA odds, with a number of props available, as the pros compete for $500,000 in prize money.
  • FUT Champions Verified – FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) Competitions are held every weekend across the world, with competitors aiming to win 27 games across the weekend. If they are to achieve this they qualify for a Global Series Ranking and can move up in the world of FIFA.
  • FUT Champions Cup – (May 15, 2020) For each Global Series, there will be six Champions Cups held throughout the FIFA season. Players qualify online before going to the last 32 to compete for $200,000, with $50,000 for the winner!

FIFA Esports Leagues

FIFA Esports Leagues vary in size, with smaller leagues held nationally and internationally which lead to the pro-level FIFA play. As well as that, there are some more trivial leagues that are set up, one such league is the ePremier League.

The ePremier League offers regular games between professional athletes representing their favourite clubs and often it’s the players of the team, but not always. Professional fast-bowler Jofra Archer represents Man United when he plays.

The league regularly holds ePremier League Invitationals, where 20 representatives from the Premier League clubs do battle to see who is the king of FIFA!

How to Bet on FIFA Esports

FIFA Esports betting options are divided into two main sections, these being the common bets we see on other betting markets and special bets.

Firstly we’ll cover FIFA match betting, which entails picking a win/loss wager. It’s worth noting here that FIFA matches are never tied.

The other common types of bets are futures or tournament winner bets. Like an accumulator, these bets yield a higher reward but are riskier.

Next up are the special bets, which are made up of live betting and fantasy betting.

Live betting or in-play betting works much as we see everywhere else in a sportsbook, with a bettor betting on events as they happen.

Fantasy betting is for the FIFA purists. Players create their own team from scratch then bet on your own team against others online.

Best FIFA Esports Betting Sites

The Esports betting industry has gone through rapid development and is now one of the fastest-growing Esports betting markets, with all the top-tier providers offering FIFA Esports betting odds for a variety of gaming platforms.

Below are some of the most reputable sites around offering FIFA Esports betting odds:

  • Betfair – Betfair is one of the top providers offering Esports betting odds including FIFA Esports odds for the ePremier League Invitational. Betfair features a broad range of betting options and very competitive odds.
  • BetVictor – Betvictor has been around since before the 50s’ and continues to show why they are one of the best providers today. They have continued to adapt to the ever-changing direction of sports betting, which is evident in their dedication to providing first-rate Esports betting options. They cover the major FIFA events, including the eNations Cup and eClub World Cup.
  • Paddy Power – Paddy Power is a name synonymous with the betting industry in the UK. They boast very competitive FIFA Esports odds and offer betting options on major competitions, such as the FIFA eChampions League which runs throughout the season.
  • bet365 – The biggest provider in the UK, commanding a huge community and offering an unmatched level of service. The on-site experience and user-interface on site really add to what is a sportsbook built on over 2 decades of experience in the betting industry.

Tips & Strategies on Betting on FIFA Esports

Often experienced bettors look at FIFA Esports betting, or Esports markets in general, and think they can just bet based on the odds. It’s important to remember, like any other sport, successful FIFA Esports predictions require a depth of knowledge and the more you know about FIFA Esports tips the more value the bet will have.

It’s important to remember competitive Esports like FIFA are developed by some of the most skilled software engineers in the world, but they are still just games. Like professional athletes are just people, sometimes things don’t go the way they should. So always be ready to expect the unexpected in FIFA betting.

As we mentioned briefly before, you can use the FIFA Esports predictions that are available on our site. There are numerous other sites offering information, articles, results and more info on the top players. This level of research will really help to bring the best out of any FIFA bet.

Moreover, have a look at these players live in action through the numerous streaming services, or watch their most recent games on YouTube to see how they’re playing. Can they hold on to a clean sheet? Are they a high-scoring offensive player? These little details will help when reading the market.

Where to watch FIFA ESPORTS

For those that want to watch their FIFA Esports bets come in, or are playing on In-Play markets, there are a variety of platforms and sites which offer live FIFA games.

First and foremost, is the Esports streaming platform, offering every competitive Esport and is the front-runner for FIFA Esports league games.

While Twitch is the obvious choice, YouTube gaming also offers some live FIFA games.