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Fortnite Betting Guide

What is Fortnite & How is it Played?

Fortnite is a survivalist shooter, which is often played in teams of four for competitive purposes though there are also solo competitions.

The players are dropped onto an island and they must navigate their way around the island using all manner of transportation in order to collect “loot” in the form of guns, items and equipment with which to kill their opponents.

The aim of the game is for the team or individual to be the last alive at the end of the game. Players cannot hide, they must make their way away from the edge of the map, where a circle is closing in and slowly kills players if they do not evade it. This concept forces players into a position where they must fight, which adds to the intensity of this excellent Esport.

Fortnite Esports teams are popping up all the time, which adds more betting markets and improves the weight of Fortnite odds.

Something else worth mentioning is Fortnite, like many other games, works on a Meta basis. This means every season the developers will introduce new items and create new aspects of the game which are important to playing at the top-tier. These changes are known as the “Meta” and will affect Fortnite betting.

Fortnite Events

The main event every year is the Fortnite World Cup, which attracts hundreds of thousands to its live event, as well as millions of online viewers streaming the event.

The World Cup provides the opportunity for the top-tier players from around the world to compete for millions of dollars in prize money.

There are also a variety of other smaller events, which do offer cash rewards as well, held throughout the year and building up to the big event at the end of the season. Some of those events are;

  • Daily Singles/Duos Cups
  • The Fortnite Championship Series
  • Dreamhack
  • Winter Royal
  • Summer Royal

Major Tournaments & Leagues

Without a doubt, the biggest event on any Fortnite betting fans’ calendar is the Fortnite World Cup, which offers the most markets for players to bet on Fortnite online.

The Fortnite World Cup is due to take place on July 26, 2020 and is expected to conclude on July 28.

The full breakdown looks like this…

  • Friday, July 26 – Creative Finals Preshow, Creative Finals, Celebrity Pro-Am
  • Saturday, July 27 – Duos Finals Preshow, Duos Finals, Duos Finals Winners Ceremony
  • Sunday, July 28 – Solo Finals Preshow, Solo Finals, Solo Finals Winners Ceremony

This is the biggest event of the year and the next major tournament to come around.

There are also competitive Fortnite tournaments taking place on a weekly basis around the world – many with over $500,000 in prize money!

How to Bet on FORTNITE

Fortnite betting offers a variety of betting options, some of which include great Fortnite bonuses and occasionally offering Fortnite free bets. But, before placing your first wager, it’s important to get to know the available markets.

Firstly, the most common types of Fortnite bets are the match winner and tournament winners odds. These types of bets are the most popular in Esports betting as they are simplistic and checking the recent results and past experiences in tournaments often give enough information to make a high-value bet.


Another common Fortnite betting market is to bet on a player to get the most frags / kills, or to eliminate a set amount of opponents. These are always risky bets, as players can get unlucky. However, if bettors have been doing their homework on players, maybe watching them stream, they will know what kind of form they’re playing in before the event gets underway.

Doing your research will always add value to any bet placed and it’s always worth your time to do a little work in order to add value to a wager. There are a variety of other more specific markets, which we’ll go into next.

Fortnite Betting Markets

We mentioned some of the most popular Fortnite betting markets already, but competitive Esports betting and more pertinently Fortnite betting offers very similar betting markets to what you’ll see with many mainstream sportsbook markets.

It’s worth being aware of the competitive Fortnite calendar, as there are numerous events throughout the year which offer great opportunities to bettors, notably for special prop bets, which come alive during the Fortnite World Cup!

  • Match Winner
  • First Objectives
  • Tournament Winner
  • Over / Under
  • Kill Count
  • Special Bets

Remember, when you are looking to place a Fortnite bet, always go with a trusted sportsbook provider, as they’ll offer competitive odds, the best specials and the broadest range of betting markets.

Where to bet on FORTNITE

A common question among punters is which is the best website for Fortnite betting, or whatever market they wish to play on. But it’s never an easy question to answer, as there are so many great sites out there offering competitive odds on an array of markets. However, we will highlight three of the top sites for Fortnite betting…

  • BetHard has always shown it’s passionate about Esports betting markets offering some of the most competitive Esports betting markets around. New customers can claim a welcome bonus of up to £50.
  • William Hill is a reliable provider, synonymous with UK betting and has always shown a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving betting industry. A safe option, with an excellent community supporting it.
  • VBet is another top provider for Esports betting with a dedicated Esports tab on their site. They boast excellent markets and have a great range of prop bets to enjoy. They even offer markets on some of the smaller Esports events.

Tips & Strategies on Betting on FORTNITE

Esports betting doesn’t differ so much from betting on mainstream sports like football or basketball, the principles are the same. Bettors should learn as much as possible about the teams that are competing.

Knowledge leads to success in any betting, and understanding the various teams and learning about which players are performing is integral to getting value from your bets.

Simply following the Moneyline odds and hoping that the favourites come through isn’t smart betting and it’s much the same in Fortnite Betting.

Another way of getting ahead of the pack is to look at how top-level competitive players are playing before they play in tournaments. Bettors can view players on a daily-basis via which gives them insight as to how players may perform tactically during the actual event.

And as always with betting on a player or team regularly, consistency is the name of the game. Take the time to look at which teams have performed consistently on the big stage and are continuing to do that leading up to the big events. So you will need to take all this into account before placing your Fortnite bets or alternatively you can follow our expert Fortnite betting tips right here on

Where to watch FORTNITE

Fortnite is widely available to view, with major events happening throughout the year and the main event the Fornite World Cup taking place annually.

For all the smaller cups, as well as the aforementioned events, it can all be found at, which streams all the top Esports events during the year. As well as this, there are a number of other streaming sites like Youtube gaming and Mixer, but Twitch has always been the most popular.