How to Bet on Twitch Streamers?

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Twitch is the main gaming and Esports streaming platform and has become one of the premium streaming services around. The rising popularity of the platform has led to a variety of different Esports betting sites and apps, which facilitate Esports wagering.

While many of the traditional online sportsbooks offer Esports betting odds, it’s newer sites like that are truly investing in the Esports betting industry. While Esports markets are still very new, there is a growing interest in competitive Esports and the endorsement between celebrities and pro gamers has really driven things forward.

Twitch betting is the latest in a long-line of betting markets available to Esports fans, and it’s the most simple! It’s quite straightforward, rather than placing a wager on an Esports event, bettors back a particular streamer through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which monitors the current gameplay of the streamer, it produces odds for Esports bettors to play on. This is aimed at Twitch, but the same AI technology could work for streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming or another popular gaming platform Mixer. 

Unikrn wants to show its commitment to the Esports gambling industry and provide customers with choices when it comes to placing a wager, offering USD, Euros and their own crypto currency known as UKG (UnikoinGold). Unikrn users will be rewarded with unique access to UKG in various ways through the Unikrn betting platform. 

We’ve focused on Unikrn, which was recently launched, but there are other Esports betting platforms available, the likes of being one of those. Much like Unikrn, it allows Esports fans to wager on Twitch, live-gaming and offers a range of bets on major Esports tournaments for all the top gaming platforms. 

What Game and What Streamer to Bet on?

Equipped with a choice of two major Esports betting platforms, it’s now time to think about who to place the first bet on. This part is rather subjective, as Twitch hosts an array of different games. While there are many to choose from the most popular games played on Twitch in 2020 are;

Pro streamers will always be associated with one particular game, as this is often how gamers start out and become famous, they will often play games that are trending the most. New releases and during major tournaments will indicate which games are the most popular at the time.

Most bettors will place wagers on their favourite streamers, which can be anyone as there are thousands of channels to choose from. We’d say a good place to start is with players like Shroud, Ninja or Summit1g, who are all top-tier players and ex-pros. These kinds of gamers regularly play in groups with other pros and win the vast majority of the matches they play – no matter what game it is!