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What is Rocket League?

The game was first released in 2015 by indie-game developer Psyonix and took a while before reaching the masses. It was in 2018 that Psyonix announced Rocket League had made six million sales and had around 40 million players online.

The highly competitive nature of the game, coupled with the huge following the game had now amassed, the only natural progression was to build a competitive Esports scene to support it.

Within a matter of months, many of the top-rated online sportsbook providers were offering Rocket League odds and a variety of betting markets for bettors to enjoy.

Five years on from the first release and Rocket League fans can follow the competitive circuit as Psyonix hosts LAN (Local Area Network) competitions around the world, offering huge prize pools to those who come out victorious.

How is Rocket League Played?

Rocket League is a fast-paced all-action game played in the default DFH Stadium, as teams of three battle it out for glory for 5 minutes. The game is played on a console as well as on PC, allowing for cross-platform gaming.

While DFH Stadium is the main stadium for Rocket League, there are numerous other maps including; Neo Tokyo, Urban Central, Wasteland and many more.

Rocket League Esports betting has never been hotter. The competition is more fierce as each season starts. Now in the Rocket League Championship Series Season 9 (RLCS season 9), it boasts some young talent as well as long-standing pros like Frenchman Kaydop, who has earnt over $350,000 through Rocket League competition.

Rocket League tournaments are held in the EU, South America, Oceania and the  U.S., with regional series being held throughout the year. After regionals, the competition goes to the Rival Series, which involves 128 teams competing.

It’s worth noting, that as games are so short all competitive Rocket League matches are played as a best-of-five series.

Rocket League Events & Schedules

The Rocket League events are held regionally, according to servers, which are generally divided up by continent.

With regards to the 2020 Rocket League season, there are a number of key events, with each regional competition including an “Open Qualifier,” “Rival Series League Play,” and a “Regional Championship.”

The 2020 Rocket League kicked off in January and is concluded in May, depending on the region. The competitive season starts and finishes within a 3 month period, allowing teams to make adjustments in the off-season.

Based on previous years, it’s likely the Rocket League Championship Finals 2021 will be played on the following dates for each region;

  • South America: April 14-19 ($50,000)
  • North America: April 21-26 ($125,000)
  • Oceania: April 21-26 ($125,000)
  • Europe: May 5-10 ($125,000)

How to Bet on Rocket League

Rocket League’s simplicity is what makes it such an appealing Esport to bet on, especially for newcomers and Esports betting fanatics. The fast-paced soccer-like format provides a betting experience that resembles that of actual soccer betting.

What makes Rocket League stand out from the rest in a long line of competitive Esports betting? Well, It’s due to two main factors. The first of which is that matches are so short, allowing bettors to cash in their winnings within 5 minutes. Compared to other markets like LoL betting, where games can go on for anywhere up to an hour.

In equal measures, the fast-paced action draws bettors in and has their eyes glued to the screen for the duration of matches. The best-of-five series also opens up opportunities for “In-play” betting, which is a popular betting line in Esports betting.

Rocket League Betting Markets

Rocket League betting is much like any other form of Esports betting, there are standard win bets, however, there also other betting markets that are unique to Rocket League Esports betting.

Money-line betting is the most common form of wager in Rocket League. Simple win/loss bets are easy to understand and with the games being so short, it allows bettors to place a variety of bets on numerous games in a short space of time, which really adds to the overall betting experience.

Another mainline for betting on Rocket League is outright bets, which entail betting on the outright winner of the tournaments, leagues and Rocket League LAN events.

There are a few other less common betting lines, such as accumulator bets, In-Play bets and various other prop bets.

Where to Bet on Rocket League

As Esports betting markets grow as do the number of major online sportsbooks offering odds.

Below we’ve highlighted 3 of the top betting sites right now:

  • Betway has shown its dedication to Esports betting fans by creating an Esports page on their main site, offering betting lines on all the top Esports platforms, pertinently Rocket League. With a host of betting lines, including all those win/loss, outrights, accumulators and more!
  • Ladbrokes is one of the longest-standing online providers and has always been committed to ensuring its customers never miss out, or have to go looking elsewhere for new markets. As such, they have a dedicated Esports page offering the latest on the Rocket League betting action.
  • William Hill is another of the top-tier bookmakers. The William Hill site offers a unique betting experience, with an excellent user-interface, broad betting markets and an Esports section offering one-of-a-kind markets and odds.

Tips & Strategies on Betting on Rocket League

One thing a lot of Rocket League betting and Esports betting newcomers need to be aware of is the fact Esports work much like mainstream sports. Tracking the team’s progress, the players, recent results, coaches and what’s going on behind the scenes are all very important aspects of what makes up an intelligent Esports bet.

Ensuring punters maximize the value of their stake is the main goal when placing a bet. Ultimately, it’s a game between two teams, so understanding the quality of each team is important before embarking on your Rocket League betting journey.

Take the time to research and get to terms with the top-tier players and teams.


Where to watch Rocket League

There are a variety of ways to watch the Rocket League action online. Mostly, it is viewed through the popular Esports streaming platform There are some other lesser sites that show Rocket League matches, though they’re unofficial.

There is also a dedicated Rocket League channel on Twitch, which shows all the main competitions as well as regular live streaming from the top Rocket League stars.