Paddy Power Fantasy Sports: Win Cash Prizes!

It’s a simple offer, although you will find a number of terms & conditions. Users must make their first deposit using debit/credit card or PayPal, while if you enter more than one league, the first settled league will be your qualifying entry.

Further terms & conditions can be found on the Paddy Power daily fantasy site.

What is Paddy Power Fantasy?

Paddy Power have taken inspiration from daily fantasy sports in the US and brought them to the UK market.

The brands fantasy sports offer in much the same way as the ever-popular fantasy football, with punters selecting a dream team, with players then earning points for how they perform in real life.

There are cash prizes up for grabs, with as much as £3.5 million in some cases! Entry fees vary into leagues, from £0.05 right up to £150.

Leagues work in exactly the same way as regular fantasy sports, with the teams that earn the most points finishing higher up the league, with prizes for those in the top positions.

There are a great range of sports available to Paddy Power fantasy customers, including the popular NFL Sunday Million, football, golf, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and baseball.

What Sports are available on Paddy Power Fantasy

Paddy Power Fantasy sports

How to Play Paddy Power Fantasy

The game is simple to play and the risk free Paddy Power fantasy offer gives players the opportunity to get the hang of it before getting properly started.

In order to play, you simply have to take the following steps once registered.

  1. Enter a Paddy Power fantasy league.
  2. Select your team, taking into account the salary cap.
  3. Watch and win!

There are a number of rules which do need to be followed. Firstly, every league will have a salary cap which dream teams must meet.

Teams can then be edited at any time prior to the start time of the contest, or the start time of the first game within the contest.

Players then earn points depending on a variety of factors. In football for example, a player will earn 15 points for a goal scored, seven points for an assist and five points for a shot on goal, among a number of other point scoring methods.

Points scored by players are then tallied up and total team points then dictate the positioning of your fantasy league.

How to Win Daily Fantasy Cash Prizes

There’s only one way to win prizes, and that’s to be successful in your league.

The prizes vary dependent on the league you’re playing in, with some even available for a top half finish!

Before you sign up to any fantasy league with Paddy Power you’ll be able to view the prizes available, with regular weekly games worth around £15,000 on Premier League fantasy games and daily games with prize pools comfortably in the thousands.

Paddy Power Fantasy Tips

There are a number of things to consider before entering your fantasy sports teams at Paddy Power.

Some of the key things to consider when selecting your team include:

  • Player Form: Sounds simple, but pick in form players rather than big names.
  • Quality of Opposition: Analyse the quality of your potential player’s opposition. There’s little value picking a striker if they are up against the best defence in the league, for example.
  • Context of Game: If the game has less importance, a team might decide to rest key players, potentially affecting your team.
  • Think Outside The Box: Who could earn you points that many other dream teams might not have included?