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Beginners Guide to Snooker Betting

The world of snooker betting offers a unique blend of excitement and strategy for beginners. With its nuanced gameplay and unpredictable outcomes, betting on snooker can be both thrilling and rewarding.

This snooker betting guide is designed to introduce you to the basics, from understanding the odds to identifying value in matches and tournaments.

Whether you’re a snooker enthusiast or new to the sport, our guide will equip you with the knowledge to start betting with confidence and potentially turn your insights into gains.

Main Snooker Betting Markets

Snooker betting offers a wide array of options beyond the simple ‘win’ bets. Here are some of the markets you can explore:

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting in snooker levels the playing field between players of different skill levels by assigning a frame advantage to the underdog. This means the stronger player must win by a larger margin to secure a bet, making matches more competitive from a betting perspective.

This type of snooker bet allows bettors to wager on closer contests, even in matches where there’s a clear favourite. For example, if you think the underdog may not win but could go close.

Total Frames

Involves predicting the total number of frames that will be played in a match. This market doesn’t require picking a winner but focuses on the length of the match. Bettors decide if the match will go over or under a specified number of frames set by bookmakers. This is a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional win-lose bets.

Highest Break Over/Under

This is a simple 2-way market which asks you to predict whether the highest break in the match by either player be over and under a set line.


Unlike match betting, which focuses on the outcome of individual matches, outright betting is about predicting the tournament champion. This offers the chance for higher odds, especially if bets are placed well in advance of the tournament or on players considered underdogs.

Player With Highest Break

This is a market on which player will score the highest single break during a match or tournament. It focuses solely on break-building, rather than the overall outcome of the game.

In-Play Betting

Snooker matches can take a long time (sometimes 3 days during the World Championship!) so live betting is very useful. It allows you to bet in-play on a match that has already started or adjust your position if you want to cash out early. It also gives you the chance to assess both players before placing any bets.

Total Centuries

This Over / Under betting market asks you to predict the total number of century breaks in the match by both players.

Key Events in the Snooker Calendar

We highlight the main events of the snooker season, known as the Triple Crown:

  • World Championship - Takes place every year in late April to early May at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield
  • The UK Snooker Championship - Held in late November in York
  • The Masters - A non-ranking event for the top 16 players. Held at the Alexandra Palace in London in January.

Snooker Betting Strategies

As with all sports, there are some basic tips and strategies that can help you when bet:

Understand the Format

Before placing any bets, it’s essential to understand the format of the snooker tournament or match you’re betting on. Different tournaments may have varying formats, such as best-of-seven frames or best-of-19 frames.

Understanding the format will help you assess the likelihood of certain outcomes and make more informed betting decisions. For example, it’s more likely a lower ranked player could beat Ronnie O’Sullivan over a ‘Best of 7 frames’ match than over a ‘Best of 19 frames’ match.

Research Player Form

Researching the form of snooker players is crucial for successful betting. Look at players’ recent performances, including their win-loss records, average frame scores, and performances in previous tournaments.

Consider factors such as recent wins, head-to-head matchups, and how players perform under pressure. This information can help you identify value bets and make more accurate predictions.

Consider Match Conditions

Take into account the conditions of the match when placing your bets. Factors such as the venue, table conditions, and time of day can all affect players’ performances.

Additionally, consider the significance of the match, such as whether it’s a major tournament final or a lower-stakes qualifying match.

Snooker Betting FAQs

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What is Snooker Betting?

Snooker betting involves placing wagers on various outcomes within professional snooker matches or tournaments. Bettors can predict match winners, scores, highest breaks, and many other aspects of the game.

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How Do I Get Started with Snooker Betting?

To begin snooker betting, select a reliable online bookmaker with snooker options (that vast majority do). After creating your account and depositing funds, explore the available bet types.

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What are the Most Common Snooker Bets?

Popular snooker wagers cover match betting, handicap betting, frame betting, highest break, total centuries and outright betting (picking a tournament champion).

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Can You Bet Live on Snooker?

Yes, many bookies feature live betting for snooker, offering the opportunity to place wagers in real-time as the game progresses. Options for live betting might include predicting the winner of the next frame, the colour of the first coloured ball potted in a frame, and bets on the highest break during live play.

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Are There Any Good Strategies for Betting on Snooker?

Successful snooker betting strategies hinge on detailed research of players and events, a deep understanding of the game, and good bankroll management. Focusing on particular markets where you possess greater knowledge or insight can also be advantageous.