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What is a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian is another type of multiple bet which is made up of five selections from different races or events combined into 26 different bets.

It’s a popular bet for horse racing fans as it gives you an interest in five different races with just two or more winners giving you a return. It contains many rollover bets where your payouts can really mount up with each additional winner.

What bets are in a Canadian?

It’s a fairly complicated wager so perhaps not one for beginners to try. There are a total of 26 different bets combined within the Canadian bet. Therefore, a 10p Canadian would cost you £2.60 in total, or for example, a 50p Canadian would cost £13 (26  x 50p) etc. These bets are broken down into the following:

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 Four-fold accumulators
  • 1 Five-fold accumulator

There are no singles included in the Canadian bet so you will need a minimum of two winners. If you only get a single winner then the whole bet is lost.

Is the Canadian a good bet?

The beauty of the Canadian bet is that it is a full cover multi bet that combines all possible two or more combinations into one bet. Each winner can significantly boost your returns as more winning combos are hit.

With so many different permutations even if some selections lose, other combos can still win. This gives you some level of insurance, and as with any multi bet you can also do an each way version (52 bets) which covers the place positions.

How do I place a Canadian bet?

You simply add your five selections into your betting slip and look for the multi bet options which should show the Canadian option if all your selections qualify.

The order in which you add them does not matter as they all have an equal effect but they must be from different races or events which do not overlap in any way (i.e. related contingencies).

How do I work out my Canadian bet winnings?

As there are many individual bets within a Canadian your best bet is to use a bet calculator tool many of which can calculate complex multi bets with ease. Calculating it by hand would be pretty long winded.

With an online Canadian calculator you simply enter your winners, losers, odds, etc. and it will calculate your returns with a click. Bet calculators are also useful to play around with as you can see how the potential outcomes can affect your returns.