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What is a Trixie Bet?

A trixie is a multiple bet (or combo bet) which is made up of three selections from different events combined into four bets - namely three doubles and a treble.

It’s a very popular bet on horse racing but you may include selections from any sports event or contest. Keep reading to learn more about the trixie bet, the bets within it  and how to calculate your winnings.

What bets are in a Trixie?

There are a total of four bets combined within a trixie bet therefore a 50p trixie would cost £2 in total and a £1 trixie would cost £4. It includes three double bets and a treble bet.

There are no singles in this bet so you will need to find at least two winners in order to get a return. If you only get one winner the whole bet is a loser.

  • 3 Doubles - Three double bets with selections AB, AC & BC.
  • 1 Treble - A treble / acca on all three selections winning (ABC).

If you add three single bets to a trixie it becomes a patent.

Is the Trixie a good bet?

It’s a solid bet if you have three strong fancies that you wish to combine, as multiple winners gives you higher potential returns for a relatively low stake. With a straight treble / accumulator bet you need all selections to win whereas with a trixie you only need to get two out of the three to get a return so it gives you a bit of leeway.

You can consider placing an each-way trixie bet if you are confident in the potential of your picks going close but are unsure about their odds of winning. This acts as a safety net, as it covers both the win and place positions.

How do I place a Trixie bet?

Placing a trixie bet follows the same process as any other bet. Simply visit your preferred bookmaker’s website, sign in to your account, and add your three selections to your betting slip. As you do so, you’ll notice various betting options, including the trixie, among others.

Enter your preferred unit stake. You can enter any stake you wish but remember that you’re paying for four bets; a £1 trixie will cost £4. If you want a lower stake you can enter, say 50p, as the unit stake for a total cost of £2 (4 x 50p).

If you cannot find the trixie option on your betting slip, it could be due to restrictions on combining your selections, such as if two of your choices are from the same event. They will need to be from three different races or events. If you require guidance in this matter, please reach out to the bookmaker’s customer support for assistance.

How do I work out a winning Trixie bet?

There are plenty of bet calculator tools that allow you to quickly settle multiple bets such as the trixie. Simply enter the bet details, set the stake and press the calculate button.

If you prefer, you can also calculate your trixie bet manually. To do so you will need to make the following calculations using the decimal odds format. You can convert fractional odds into decimals by simply dividing the top number by the bottom number and then adding one. So for example, 5/2 becomes 3.50 (5 divided by 2 plus 1).

  • Winning double bets (up to 3) - selection A odds x selection B odds x unit stake = return (inc stake)
  • Winning treble bets (x1) - selection A odds x selection B odds x selection C odds x unit stake = return  (inc stake)