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The Tote placepot is a great horse racing bet, offering you the chance to be involved in pool betting, and scoop a share of the winnings if you can find placed horses at your meeting.

This betting style is very much a chance to stake small amounts and win big, especially at the meetings where the placepot fund has a guaranteed minimum value attached.

Tote Placepot For Today - Monday, July 15

We head to Windsor on Monday evening with our Tote Placepot for today, where the guaranteed minimum Placepot pool will be £50,000.



Race 1


Bold Impact

Race 2


Under Siege

Race 3


Roi De France

Race 4


Mezzo Soprano

Race 5


Phone Tag, Faster Bee, Great Chieftain & Double Red

Race 6


Windsor - July 15

Today's Tote Placepot Tips

Tote Placepot Quick Guide

  • To win the Tote Placepot you need to pick a horse to place in the first six races at any UK, Irish or selected International meeting.
  • With an average payout of £466 in 2023, the Placepot is a great way to win big off small stakes.
  • Over the last five Cheltenham Festivals (2019-2023), the average Placepot payout for a £1 winning Placepot has been a huge £6,892.
  • You can play the Placepot at from 4pm the day before all UK and Irish meetings.

Why Bet a Placepot?

Bet £10, Get £50 in Bonuses

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Placepots offer a potentially great payout for winners, such is the nature of pool betting, so you can go with small stakes and aim for big rewards.

The placepot is also a bet that potentially has longevity about it, great if you are looking to place one bet and enjoy the day’s racing.

Alongside this, the bet is always focusing on the same part of the meeting, the first six races at any fixture.

To aid the pots, there will be selected meetings each week that offer a guaranteed £50,000 pool, and on Saturday’s there will be a guaranteed pool of £150,000 for players to aim at.

Look out for even bigger guarantees being announced at the major festivals throughout the year.


Bet £10, Get £50 in Bonuses

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How to Win the Tote Placepot?

To win the placepot, you need to find a horse that places in the first six races at any meeting.

If you land six, then you will receive your share of the pool as your winning dividend.

For those who are looking for placepot tips at the big meetings, we will have updated selections right on this page, so you can follow along and see what we fancy.

Place Terms for Placepot Bets

The finishing positions which constitute a place in any leg of the Placepot, unless otherwise stated, are as follows:

  • 2 - 4 runners = 1st
  • 5 - 7 runners = 1st & 2nd
  • 8 - 15 runners = 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Non-handicap of 16 or more runners = 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Handicap of 16 or more runners = 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Placepot Betting Strategy

It really is up to you which strategy you decide to employ when putting your placepot together.

One option is to go against the favourites. If you are looking for a big dividend, then you need to have a placepot where many people are knocked out and fail to win, which usually happens when favourites and other popular horses do not place.

Another strategy is to go with multiple legs in some races. This is great to give you multiple choices if, for example, a race has a large field that is tough to split.

Alongside this for the tough races, some people will add in a couple of favourites as “bankers”, where they only select one horse and rely on that alone.

Perm Placepot with Multiple Lines

If you want to, you can select more than one horse in a race, but this does mean that the total stake of your placepot will increase.

By choosing more than one horse, you have more chance to win, and don’t forget, you could win with more than one selection, for example, if you choose two runners, they could both place, which means your full placepot stake would continue rolling on.

To calculate your total stake on a perm placepot, just multiply the number of selections in each leg. For example:

  • Leg 1: 3 selections
  • Leg 2: 2 selections
  • Leg 3: 1 selection
  • Leg 4: 3 selections
  • Leg 5: 2 selections
  • Leg 6: 1 selection

3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 36 lines


Bet £10, Get £50 in Bonuses

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Placepot Stakes

The Tote placepot has seen a reduction in the cost of lines and overall stake, meaning you can limit the stakes you place, even if you go for a big perm placepot with multiple legs.

The new minimums are 1p per line, and 50p for the overall stake, so if you want to keep it small, you can.

Un-Named Favourite

The final aspect of a placepot to mention is something that many people, even experienced punters, are never likely to have seen, if they’ve not played any Tote markets before.

This is the fact that you can bet on the un-named favourite in a race, this can be one of your selections in a placepot.

Some people use this when they expect a volatile betting market, and want to be with the horse that is backed the most, and goes off favourite.

The bet will go on the SP favourite, if there are joint or co-favourites, then your selection will be the lowest racecard number. For example, if there are joint favourites which are numbers 3 and 8, then your bet will be placed on number 3.

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