Spread betting punters can now unlock even bigger wins on the Sporting Index i-Phone app which enables trading on a vast array of spread betting markets.

As long as there’s a decent Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection, you’ll be able to use your i-Phone to to access Sporting Index’s full portfolio, opting to buy when you think the outcome of a stated market will be higher, or sell when you think the outcome will be lower.

It can be daunting if you’re new to spread betting and it’s not without risk as the more you’re right the more you win, but the more you’re wrong the bigger your losses become and that’s why Sporting Index give new customers £100 to get to grips with things. Sign-up and your new acount will be credited with £100 non-withdrawable cash to enjoy spread betting on your i-Phone for 7 days.

Tap here to open an account with Sporting Index

How To Get Sporting Index i-Phone App

Follow our quick and easy steps to get the Sporting Index i-Phone app and you’ll be spread betting on the go before you know it.

1. Tap Here to go to the Sporting Index mobile site
2. Tap the ‘Join Now’ button
3. Enter your details and complete the registration
4. Receive £100 non-withdrawable cash
5. Keep any winnings earned from your £100 free bet within 7 days of award

Once you’re registered you can download the Sporting Index app via the App Store and install it on your i-Phone to get the full experience, including updates and notifications of spread betting offers and more.

Desktop users can also pick up the Sporting Index welcome offer using the link above, so if you’re reading this review on a PC or Laptop, just click through to Sporting Index and you can always download the i-Phone app at a later date.

Sporting Index i-Phone App Review

First off it’s clear that Sporting Index have spent time getting the i-Phone app to not only look good, but work well. It’s a great looking app and finding your favourite spreads is made easy thanks to a slideable menu of the most popular sports spread betting markets, starting with football, cricket, golf and scrolling through the likes of horse racing, darts and basketball to boxing.

In-play markets are featured prominently upon opening the app, so if you’re event has just started you’ll be able to quickly place a live spread bet. You can toggle the menu to show upcoming events, these are listed in order of start time and encompass all sports, so you can get organised and do your research before having a bet.

Placing a spread bet is merely a case of browsing to your desired sport by swiping along until you find what you’re after or choosing an event from the in-play list by tapping on it to reveal a range of spread betting markets. Simply tap the green bet button and select whether you are buying or selling the spread, then enter your stake before confirming the bet.

Popular markets are listed first, but you can scroll down to find more specific spreads with plenty to choose from regardless of sport. Spread betting and in-play go hand in hand, enabling you to stay immersed in the action right up to the final whistle.

The sell price is listed in red and the buy price in blue, the following example will explain how spread betting works. Using the example of a batsman’s run performance; if you buy runs at 45 for £2 and the player scores 50 runs you will collect £10 winnings (50 runs less 45 runs = 5x £2 stake). If you opted to ‘sell’ the same player for £2 at 42, you would lose £16 (50 runs less 42=8 x£2 stake). The spread between 42-45 is Sporting Index margin.

Another great feature of Sporting Index for i-Phone is the ability to cash out and stop a sports spread bet as the action unfolds. Whether you are on a jockey’s performance and he rides a double in the first two races on the card or distances and the rain suddenly starts to fall, spread betting gives you the ability to react, keeping you in control. When spread betting on your i-Phone, be sure to check out the value of your open position in-play. To stop a bet, simply click the Cash Out button on your bet slip. The button will be green if you stand to make a profit, red if you stand to make a loss or grey if you stand to break even.

The menu button in the top left is a quick means of getting back to the home screen and also provides a list of recently viewed markets, results and full details about spread betting with Sporting Index when clicking on ‘More’. Sporting Index also provide plenty of additional resources such as guides and spread betting commandments to help you to get more from spread betting on your i-Phone.

The Sporting Index i-Phone app comes highly recommended to all seasoned spread bettors and to regular punters who fancy trying something new. The in-play offering is impressive and the cash out option is a great feature. All kicked off with £100 free to get you started!

5 Reasons To Install Sporting Index i-Phone App

  1. £100 Welcome Offer
  2. Live in-play betting opportunities
  3. Potential for bigger wins than with a traditional bookie
  4. Bet on specific aspects of your favourite sports
  5. Cash Out your i-Phone spread bets

Is My Mobile Device Compatible With Sporting Index i-Phone App ?

As well as i-Phone, the app is compatible with i-Pad and you can always access the Sporting Index mobile site, though you may miss important alerts that you would otherwise receive if using the app.