Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot: Earn Big On Football Predictions

We all love a footy prediction, and we all think we’re good at it. It’s why we bet on the beautiful game. Paddy Power are calling you out and giving you the chance to win big with their Hotshot Jackpot.

A free weekly prediction game, Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot is asking you to predict the first goalscorer across a number of games. What’s in it for you? A jackpot of £250,000!

What Is Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot?

Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot is a fantastic free game in which will pay out a quarter of a million if punters can predict six first goalscorers across the week’s selected games.

If the jackpot isn’t won, Paddy Power will increase the jackpot by £25,000 for the following week. If nobody wins on a given weekend, the closest player will earn £2,500. Additionally, the player that predicts the most across a season will earn themselves a cool £25,000.

The top 100, will also enjoy a £25 free bet each week too. It’s an offer that really puts an extra bit of life into the weekend’s action.

How To Play Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot

To play, you can enter your first goalscorer predictions by doing the following.

  1. Log in or sign up to a Paddy Power account
  2. Navigate to the Hotshot Jackpot page and enter your six first goalscorer predictions
  3. Enter a Hotshot Jackpot tiebreaker
  4. Click ‘Complete Your Entry’, sit back and enjoy the weekend’s action

Terms & Conditions

The Hotshot Jackpot is a relatively simple offer but there are a couple of terms and conditions to be aware of.

  • Only open to Paddy Power customers. Sign up will be required
  • One entry per person each week
  • Hotshot Jackpot is free to play
  • Own goals are recorded as no goal when predicting