£100 Free BOGOF Bingo - 888Ladies

Take advantage of 888Ladies buy one, get one free deal each and every day, players credited with one free bingo card when they enter into the daily £100 jackpot share game.

888Ladies players mustpre-buy a 25p card to the daily game which takes place as 9pm in the BOGOF room located in the special tabs section of the bingo lobby, players credited with a free card for every one they purchase into the game.

The 90-Ball bingo game that occurs every day at 9pm offers a share of a £100 free jackpot cash; £50 claimed for a full house, £30 for two lines and £20 for one line.

The jackpot shall be shared in the case of multiple winners per line, the promotion only available to funded 888Ladies customers.

The pre-buy limit lies at a maximum of 48 bingo cards to the game, up to a total of 96 in cards overall thanks to the BOGOF offer. is powered by software belonging to Brigend Limited, offering a vast array of 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games as well as many new and exciting variations on the traditional game.

888Ladies terms and conditions:

- BOGOF Bingo plays daily at 9pm.
- Funded Players only.
- Players will be credited with 1 free card, for every card they purchase into the daily game (up to a maximum of 96 cards in total (including cards purchased by player).
- The winner(s) will be the first players to cover 1 Line, 2 Lines, or a Full House.£100 Jackpot will be credited in cash & split as follows: FH: £50 / 2L: £30 / 1L: £20.
- Real funds will be credited into the winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
- If there is more than one winner per line, jackpot will be shared.
- Cards are 25p.Pre-Buy Card limits: Min 1 / Max 48 cards