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To successfully hedge bets you will need discipline and place exact stakes in order to give precise returns.  The best way to identify what those stakes need to be is to use a betting calculator.

Betting Calculator

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Why use a betting calculator?

If you are serious about your betting you will need every knife in your box to be sharpened and ready to kill. It’s no joke, gambling is a cut-throat business and online sportsbooks do not make their money by being better gamblers than you, they do so by taking advantage of the mistakes poor punters make.

In an industry where billions are turned over, sportsbooks only need a small profit margin to show a healthy profit.  Punters seem to forget this and they too are capable, in the right circumstances, of converting small percentage points into profits.  What’s more, punters are not forced to place bets whereas the old enemy, the online bookmakers are duty bound to accept bets on all major events.

Placing too many bets is one obvious mistake punters make but the primary reason gamblers show the net losses they do at the years end is by not taking the best possible prices they can about their selections and the bets they place on them.

A quick question, what pays more as a treble, three winners priced:

  1. A) 5/4, 8/11 and 9/2
  2. B) 11/10, 5/4 and 4/1
  3. C) 6/4, 6/4 and 7/2

The answer is C with a return of £281.25 for a £10 bet.  B pays £236.25 and A £213.75.  That’s a £67.50 difference between the best possible return and the worst.  

And so the next time you place any bet with one selection or more just stop to consider the difference attaining the best possible odds can make to your winnings.

How to Use a Betting Calculator

Using a betting calculator is a very simple process. It is as straightforward as placing a bet and taking the prices currently on offer.  

Within the calculator simply enter the prices of your selections, enter the type of bet or bets you have placed and finally their finishing position (if the events are complete).  Click ‘calculate bet’ and the returns are calculated for you instantaneously.  

Suffice to say the accumulator calculator will not only save considerable time when determining potential profits, it will also help you identify which online bookmaker to place your bet with to ensure the maximum profits.

What is each-way betting?

Each-way bets are wagers placed on a selection to either win or finish close to the front.  Most typically used on horseracing, an each-way bet will see a return on a horse that finished first or second in five, six or seven runner races. Places 1-2-3 are paid in races with eight to 15+ runners and handicap races with 16 or more runners will payout on horses that finishes amongst the first-four.

An each-way bet is in two parts. A £10 each-way bet, which will cost £20, will see £10 of stakes placed on the section to win and an additional £10 on the place part of the bet at a fraction of the win odds.  Typically this fraction is 1/4 or 1/5th.

So a 4/1 winner with £10 each-way placed on it and each-way terms of 1/4 odds will receive a return of £70.  If that selection finishes second the return will be £20.  Don’t take our word for it, enter the odds, stakes and finishing position into a free bet calculator yourself!

What is hedge betting?

The term ‘hedging your bets’ has found its way into the English language but few stop to consider what it really means or where it has come from.  

In an ideal world to ‘hedge’ is to back all possible outcomes of an event and ensure a profit whatever the outcome.  Rarely does this type of betting offer huge profits as it normally works on small margins but it does guarantee no losses.  

To successfully hedge bets you will need discipline and place exact stakes in order to give precise returns.  The best way to identify what those stakes need to be, the best bet ….use an online betting calculator.