3 Trends in Modern Blackjack Play

3 Trends in Modern Blackjack Play 

Since its inception in France during the 17th century, it is fair to say that the game of blackjack has barely changed. Retaining many of the same core rules and regulations, the game has simply been evolved to create brand new variations and additional features that create a more thrilling and complete experience. In fact, perhaps the single biggest change during this time has been reflected in the outlook of casino brands and operators, who have moved away from placing restrictions on players and now instead strive to empower them through generous bonuses and advantageous gameplay features.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three prominent blackjack trends and gameplay features for 2015.

Live Play Rules the Roost

If there is a single criticism that has undermined online casino brands, it is the argument that they fail to accurately replicate the thrill of an authentic bricks and mortar gaming experience. This has changed in the last 12 months, however, with improved graphics engines and data processors on desktop and mobile devices helping game developers to create a faster, fluid and more representative experience. This has been reflected in dramatic games such as blackjack, where live gameplay is now increasingly popular online and likely to gain even more followers in the months to come.


The Rise of Multi-hand, Surrender Blackjack

While traditional blackjack is played with a single deck, a growing number of modern incarnations adhere to more flexible rules. More specifically, they incorporate anywhere between two and four decks, creating more game permutations and creating an entirely unpredictable outcome for every hand that is dealt. This obviously offers and advantage to players, as does the application of the early surrender rule which players of some formats to reclaim half of their wager if the dealers’ face-up card is an ace. These features are even included in the same game on a Paddy Power variation, and they reflect the trend of distinctly lowering the house edge for players.

The Popularisation of Super Fun 21

While players’ have always been enticed by the favourable odds of the Super Fun 21 blackjack variation, this format has proved less popular among casino brands and operators. This has changed in recent times, however, with this version of the game now a prominent feature across multiple online casino brands. The game includes one particularly interesting feature, in that players can beat a natural dealer blackjack if they build a hand of six or more cards that have a value of 20 during the course of play.