D’Alembert System

D’Alembert System

This negative progression strategy is mainly used to make small profits in short bursts and out of all the strategies available it is one of roulettes easiest. This system will not bring in huge fortunes but can help see smaller wins build without the risk of wagering large amounts of money. It also has similarities to the Martingale Strategy but with a flatter progression.

With the D’Alembert system their is a lower risk that the player will go bankrupt or reaches the table limit before making up for previous losses.

How to use the D’Alembert System

The basis of this system means that when you hit a winning streak you can make safe bets while keeping your losses at a minimum. In simple terms this strategy means placing a larger bet when you’re losing and this will help bring your overall balance back up so controlling your losses.

However as a result of the flatter progressions, one winning coup usually doesn’t cover all losses that were made before but a longer losing streak can more be managed better and the game should have the ability to go on much longer.

Just like the Martingale System the betting is on the areas of the table that give close to an even chance of winning i.e. odd and even numbers, red or black and the number blocks 1-18 and 19-36. You are assuming when using this system that over a long period of time the outside bets will eventually balance themselves out. This assumption would be such as betting on red consistently and losing would eventually turn into a win as black would eventually hit.


So first decide on the level of bet you are going to make and in this instance will will choose ‘one chip’. Therefore place a single chip on whichever outside bet you fancy. For this example we will choose ‘even’.

If you win then continue to place your minimum bet each spin until you have a loss. At that point you add one additional chip to your bet i.e. now your bet is 2 chips. If you lose again then your next bet would be 3 chips and son on. When eventually you hit another win you start the system in reverse by taking one chip away at a time for each spin.

Try to keep the system going in this way as the goal is to eventually get back to your original bet which is 1 chip. If you succeed then you will have made a profit of one chip for every winning coup.

Does the D’Alembert System Work?

As this system relies on a principle that frequencies of opposite chances even out over time you may need an extremely long run for it to work. A long losing streak can still end up with you hitting your limits and the player leaving the table with a large loss.

Therefore this system may be better in short bursts. Not only this but you still have to wager in the factor of the house advantage with the green zero and like with all roulette strategies there is no way to eliminate that advantage.

Try it Out for Yourself

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