Double Bonus Roulette and other Variations: An exercise in Diversity

Double Bonus Roulette and other Variations: An exercise in Diversity

Have you ever wondered why you love roulette so much? Is it the challenging nature of the game? Maybe it is the fascinating elements of chance and opportunism? Perhaps it is the level of skill and strategy required, or the simple fact that it remains a classic casino game with huge international appeal. Regardless of your answer, you will most likely be interested in the range of variations that are available online, while the sheer volume of lucrative bonus offers also enables players to maximise their income when playing on the online stage.

Roulette Variations and Bonuses

So what variations of roulette are available online? There are many, so let’s take the Grosvenor Casino Double Bonus Spin Roulette as an example. Under the terms of this game, players can access an additional, yellow wheel that is 1.5 times as wide as a standard alternative. If the ball lands within the yellow wheel, you will get two free bonus spins and free chances to win money. This is a crucial element of modern online roulette variations, as players are afforded options and free gameplay in exchange for their participation.


This game also offers an instant bonus award and a large pay-out if the wager within the yellow circle comes good, which only adds to the appeal of the game. You can also play for real cash and in real-time, so there is ample motivation to place your bets and maximise the bonus opportunities at your disposal. On another note, many variation of this type tend to focus on offering free spins that translate directly into real money, as essentially players are being offered the opportunity to wager without risk and earn 100% if their bet comes good.

Is this type of Roulette format for you?

It may be a no-brainer to suggest that this type of roulette wager is right for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to benefit from free gameplay and optimised profits? It may be less tempting if you an inexperienced player who is new to the virtual medium; however, as anyone within this demographic of players may prefer to hone their craft through the traditional version of the game before diversifying. After all, the classic roulette game underpins almost every modern incarnation, so mastering this is often a prelude to enjoying sustained success online and across a number formats.