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Introducing Wild Viking Roulette

Introducing Wild Viking Roulette

Which casino game has the most variations online? The answer is not easy to quantify, although at first glance it appears as though roulette would emerge as the gamblers’ favourite. Not only does this game already have three classic formats in European, American and French roulette, but there are also a number of contemporary variations that keep even experienced players guessing. Take Wild Viking Roulette, for example, which is a modern format that has replaced the traditional wheel and ball with a deck of cards and individual hands of five.

Playing Viking Roulette: The Latest Card Variation of the Game

Available with Paddy Power, Wild Viking Roulette is essentially a modern card game that is based on the classic rule book. Using a single, standard and shuffled deck of 52 cards and two jokers, five card hands are drawn for each player. The gameplay beyond this point is similar to standard roulette, as players have the option to make multiple wagers according to the options available on the betting table. These options here are similar to those available through classic roulette, with players able to place bets on red or black, odd or even and high or low.


It is important to note that the last card drawn of the five-strong hand determines the outcome of all roulette bets. If the last card is a joker, for example, all bets lose apart from the Wild Viking wager, the Poker Bets and the Progressive Bet. In terms of the latter two options, all five card options combined are used to determine the outcome, so there are plenty of rules and variations to keep players occupied. This, allied with the fast-paced nature of gameplay, means that novice players may struggle to implement their chosen strategy and generate income.

Should you Play Wild Viking Roulette?

This is an important consideration, as unless you play roulette purely for recreational purposes the main aim should be to make as much money as possible. In this respect, Wild Viking Roulette with Paddy Power is hardly the ideal game format, as its unusual nature and unique way of delivering results challenges players in ways that they are unfamiliar with.

So unless you are an experienced player with a clear understanding of the rules or an adaptable strategy, you should only really consider playing Wild Viking Roulette for novelty value alone. Even then, be cautious with your wagers as your learn the game and develop your craft.