Multi-ball vs. Multi-wheel Roulette: What is the Difference?

Multi-ball vs. Multi-wheel Roulette: What is the Difference?

The sheer range of available, online games can be daunting for virtual gamblers. After all, it can be extremely difficult to determine the subtle difference that separate some formats of the same game, while those who are used to classic casino disciplines may find it challenging to come to terms to new playing methods. Fans of the French game roulette will be accustomed to this struggle, with modern versions such as multi-wheel and multi-ball roulette far more frenetic and diverse than the original format.

With this in mind, it is worth identifying the core differences between multi-ball and multi-wheel roulette. While the games share many elements in that they borrow heavily from the classic roulette template and move at a faster pace, they also have subtle nuances that impact everything from your strategy to the way in which you choose to play. To begin with, multi-wheel roulette encourages players to spread their bets across anywhere up to eight simultaneously spinning wheels, driving a higher probability of winning in exchange for more substantial stakes.


While multi-ball roulette also drives greater chances for players to win, it does so by increasing the number of balls used in a single wheel. This fame, which is available with Sky Vegas, can utilise up to 10 balls at once and automatically increase the number of winning results that are generated per spin. Two balls cannot land in the same pocket at once, which also drives a slightly higher probability of player success. Players must stake their bets as normal, before choosing how many balls they intend to spin during the next round.

So although these games are different in terms of their rules, both are frenetic and drive a higher probability of winning for players. They also demand more substantial stakes; however, while traditional players will need to amend their existing outlook and strategy if they are adapt and ultimately succeed.

On another note, the frenetic pace of these games also poses challenges of their own. While multi-wheel roulette demand excellent hand-eye coordination, for example, multi-ball roulette forces players to showcase excellent judgement in terms of how many balls they use for each spin and how this impacts their wagering. Without an ability to strategize, it is a game that could cost you money.