Roulette: The Balance between Strategy and Instinct

Roulette: The Balance between Strategy and Instinct

As online gambling continues to be legalised throughout the world, so too individual games are gaining considerable credibility. This even applies to so-called games of chance such as roulette and blackjack, where some have previously argued that the fate of individual players’ is determined largely by luck or a burst of opportunism. Modern commentators are more likely to compare games like roulette to trading on the financial markets, as there is a clearly defined need for strategies, instinct and decisiveness.

Strategy vs. Instinct: Which is more important to Roulette Players?

To the naked eye, it would appear as though strategy was the most important part of a roulette players’ armoury. After all, individual strategies can be adapted to suit alternative philosophies and a prevailing appetite for risk, while they also enable players to protect their capital when the going gets tough. It is certainly hard to dispute that strategic thinking and execution is central to minimising risk, as the purpose of most investment and gambling game plans’ is to mathematically increase the probability of winning while creating exit routes in times of crisis.


So where does instinct come into play? Arguably, it is instinct that separates successful players from those who are truly legendary, as those who have an innate understanding of the game are more likely to win significant jackpots. So while strategy can provide a foundation for success, it is a players’ instinctive nature that will ultimately determine how much income they can generate. Those that understand when to play and when to fold are likely to enjoy huge success, especially if they confidently back their instinct and can rely on it during high pressure, high stakes games.

The Last Word

On a final note, it is also important to note that all humans are born with a fundamental instinct for survival. This translates well to the roulette wheel, as experienced gamblers can always rely on their instinct when it comes to making difficult, real-time gameplay decisions. It is important not to lose sight of this, as players who rely solely on strategy can often be overwhelmed by the unpredictable nature of roulette and the pace of gameplay.

Conversely, strategy is important in terms of laying the foundation for solid and consistent success. The key is to develop this in line with your instinct and fundamental appreciation of risk, so that it can influence and support your decision making without restricting you during the heat of battle.