The Key Skills required for mastering Blackjack

The Key Skills required for mastering Blackjack

If you are a James Bond fan, you may well remember the iconic scene where Timothy Dalton wins £250,000 during a simple hand of blackjack. This is a particularly memorable scene, as while Bond was never averse to the occasional flutter his game of choice was usually baccarat. If you are like the many thousands who have watched this scene and wished that it could be you in that famed white suit, it is important to consider the personal attributes required to achieve success as a blackjack player.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three unique skills that all blackjack players require if they are to ultimately win big.


If you ever spent your time as a child bemoaning mathematics classes and wondering whether or not you would have find a practical application for the lessons you were being taught, you need look no further than blackjack. Although the games’ innate element of opportunism often detracts from the level of strategy and numerical skill required, players must be able to execute quick calculations in the most pressurised of environments if they are to ultimately succeed. As the experience of bond king Bill Gross proves, some of the sharpest mathematical minds have been honed at blackjack tables around the world.


Calmness under Pressure

On a similar note, it is important to remember that even the most advanced numerical skills would be unable thrive without a sense of composure or coolness under pressure. This applies whether you play traditional blackjack or multiple hands simultaneously through the ‘5 Hands at Once’ format that is available through the Betfred Casino, as the pace and pressure of live gameplay can easily undermine your chances of success. So long as you can handle this, you will optimise your chances of winning over a sustained period of time.

An Ability to Strategize

For those who still feel that blackjack is primarily a game of chance, there is ample evidence and expert opinion that suggests otherwise. Although it is unwise to deny the role that opportunism plays in determining blackjack outcomes, players can utilise existing strategies to optimise their probability of winning, minimise risk and maximise winning streaks. If you have a natural ability to strategize in real-time and couple this with a clear understanding of blackjack, you can generate significant income as a professional player.