The Truth about Mini Roulette: Is it Right for you?

The Truth about Mini Roulette: Is it Right for you? 

If you are unfamiliar with the virtual casino world, you may be unprepared for the sheer number of games and variations of games that exist online in 2015. As an aspiring player you need to quickly familiarise yourself with this range of titles and experiences, as otherwise you will be unable to make an informed choice that suits your skill-set, knowledge and philosophy as a gambler.

One of the most intriguing game variations on the existing market is Mini Roulette, which is essentially a scaled down version of the original classic. While it is revered by some as a hidden gem that offers players access to huge financial returns, others categorise it is a deceptively difficult game through which you are more likely to lose money.

Mini Roulette: An Introduction and Appraisal

If you have never heard of Mini Roulette, the first thing to note is that it is based on the European version of the game. In many ways it carries many of the same rules and guidelines as the original format, with the main exception being that there are just 13 numbered slots on the wheel (including a green, single zero). Other than this, bets can be placed in almost exactly the same way, from straight-up, single number bets to outside wagers than can be placed on odds or evens, red or black and specific groupings.


Nothing too controversial here you might think, especially when you consider that outside bets pay-out at the same rate for Mini Roulette players and participants have a far greater opportunity to land more lucrative, straight-up wagers. The lack of numbers on the Mini Roulette wheel is a tremendous bane of contention; however, as the odds of the ball landing in the zero groove and rendering all bets null and void are far higher. The game therefore polarises opinion among players, and new players face a difficult challenge when appraising its merits.

Is Mini Roulette Right for you?

With Mini Roulette available on the Winner Casino, now is the ideal time to make your decision. Perhaps the deciding factor is the presence of the highly underrated La Partage rule, through which players can reclaim half of their original wager if the ball indeed lands on the green zero slot. This dramatically lowers the house edge associated with this format of the game, while it also offers an escape and a way of negating the biggest risk on the board. This tips the balance in favour of playing Mini Roulette, and cashing in on its most obvious advantages.