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Turn up the Heat: Introducing Pro Roulette

Turn up the Heat: Introducing Pro Roulette

Picture the scene: you have frequented online casinos for a while, predominantly playing roulette and developing your basic skills over time. Having enjoyed a sustained spell of success, however, you have now begun to lose interest while the game no longer seems as challenging or as exciting as it once has.

There is no need for alarm, however, as you have simply reached a point where your skill-level and overall experience has plateaued. Without the thrill of tense gameplay of the challenge provided by a similarly skilled rival player, you need to redefine the experience and step up to an entirely new level.

Pro Roulette Facts and Tips for Beginners

Thanks to the diverse and tiered nature of online gaming, incrementally increasing the intensity of your roulette experience has never been easier. With some brands offering as many as 20 unique variations on the classic roulette format, there is every opportunity for players to develop their skills and switch the version that they play accordingly. There is even a classic path that many players follow, starting with the French or European version of the game (which offer a noticeably lower house edge) before progressing onto American and live roulette over time.

Today, players can also access either a premium or a professional version of the game through selected casino brands. William Hill offers a comprehension format of the game called Roulette Pro, for example, which tests a high calibre playing in an authentic and fast-paced casino environment.


Challenging players with the option of high table limits and an average of two spins per minute (which replicates a bricks and mortar casino experience and affords players less time to think), you can test your skills and reintroduce a sense of excitement into your game.

Is Pro Roulette for you?

In some games (such as blackjack, for example) the quality of competing players is inconsequential as you must beat the dealer ahead of your rivals. While this is not exactly the case in roulette, the nature of the game means that players can succeed independently of one another and win according to the quality of their bets and strategy.

This means that Pro Roulette is not as intimidating as it might otherwise be, although it is still important to appraise your skill-set honestly before making a commitment to play. After all, the fast pace of gameplay and high stakes mean that you lose more money in a short period of time if you are ill-prepared, while the relative lack of thinking time also makes it hard for inexperienced players to execute strategic decisions in real-time.