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What are the best Formats of Roulette for beginners?

What are the best Formats of Roulette for beginners?

Recent visitors to the Paddy Power Casino will be interested to note the addition of a new game format, which is targeted at new and inexperienced players. Beginner Roulette offers the ideal introduction to roulette, encouraging players to learn the odds and fundamental rules of gameplay before chancing their arm at a more advanced variation of the game. This is certainly good news for novice players and roulette enthusiasts, although there are a number of existing variations that offer considerable advantages to players who are still developing their skills.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three roulette formats that are ideal for beginners. These include:

French Roulette

One of the three main variations of the game, French Roulette is almost identical to the European format and offers a couple of advantages to players. The absence of a double zero slot on the wheel (which is prominent in the American version of the game) creates an instantly favourable house edge of just 2.7%, while there are also additional rules that enables players to make as much money as possible. Under the terms of En Prison and La Partage, players can place an odds or even bet and, in the event that the ball lands on zero, either carry their wager over to the next spin or reclaim half of their original bet respectively.


Mini Roulette

While it is a format criticised by some, Mini Roulette theoretically offers players the opportunity to access improved odds and better chances of winning. Featuring just 13 numbered grooves and a single zero, straight-up or inside bets are far more likely to deliver a return while inside wagers pay out at similar odds of 2:1. Although there is a greater chance of the ball landing in the single zero slot, the odds of winning are proportionally higher and this variation can also provide a fun and less intense gaming experience for new players.

Multi-wheel Roulette

If you are more inclined to develop your game along a steep learning curve, you should play a round or two of Multi-wheel Roulette. Not to be confused with the high stakes but ultimately high risk multi-ball roulette, this game enables players to spread their bets across up to eight tables at a time and incrementally improve their odds of success. While it can be difficult to keep pace with this version of the game and monitor your performance in real-time, it helps player to hone their craft in a pressurised environment without taking unnecessary risks with their money.