What Skills are Required to play Eight Wheel Roulette?

What Skills are Required to play Eight Wheel Roulette?

If you have ventured onto an online casino recently, you may well have come across the numerous forms of roulette that are accessible online. These are extremely diverse in their make-up, from multiple live variations to Mini Roulette and Betfair’s brand new Eight Wheel format. The latter is an exceptionally fun and engaging version of the game, and one that challenges even experienced players in a series of new and unique ways. It is certainly not one for the faint hearted, while those who lack flexibility or adaptability in their gameplay should avoid it at all costs.

So, what skills are required if you to enjoy multi-wheel roulette and maximise your earnings during gameplay? Consider the following:

Composure Under Pressure

While this may be considered as a positive skill for all roulette players, it is particularly important for those who try their hand at the multi-wheel format. After all, the fast and frenetic nature of the game (with numerous wheels spinning and generating a wide range of results) makes for quite a spectacle and can easily overwhelm those who are prone to emotive, real-time reactions.


If you are an experienced player who is able to remain calm and composed when under pressure, however, you will have a far greater chance of making informed decisions that result in success.

Confidence and the Courage of your Convictions

Similarly, the hectic nature of multi-wheel roulette will push your game plan to its very limits, while also forcing you to question every single decision and strategic move that you make. This means that successful players must have the courage of their convictions and the confidence to implement their strategy in real-time and under the most pressurised conditions. Without this, you will become quickly consumed by doubt, and find yourself either constantly adapting your strategy or struggling to execute even the most simplistic actions.

Excellent Hand-eye Coordination

These psychological attributes aside, arguably the most important requirement to succeeding when playing multi-wheel roulette is excellent hand-eye coordination. This makes it possible to monitor multiple wheel spins simultaneously, while also placing bets and ensuring that you put your carefully cultivated strategies into direct action. It is also well known that strong hand-eye coordination enables you to complete potentially challenging tasks in relatively short-periods of time, so it is a vital skill for anyone playing this game.