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Beginners Guide to Golf Betting

Golf, in a form that we would recognise today, can be traced back to 15th century Scotland, although the origins of the sport are open to debate, with it being possible to find a form of the game being played by the Romans.

Today golf is played, watched and bet on around the world, and in this guide, we will endeavour to highlight the various betting options available, the main tournaments to bet on and various golf betting tips and strategies to bolster your betting experience.

Main Golf Betting Markets

There are a wide variety of golf betting markets, from straightforward punts on a player to win a Major to more complex bets. So, let’s crack on by diving straight into the main golf betting markets and strategies.

Tournament Winner

This is the most popular golf bet where you simply wager on the player you think will win a specific tournament, such as The Open Championship. In any of the golf Majors you will see the odds available months in advance of the start of the tournament if you want to look for some potential ante-post value.

Place Betting

You can bet on a player to finish in the top 5, 6. 7 or perhaps even the top 10 or top 20 of a tournament. The odds will obviously be shorter than betting on the tournament winner, but it’s still possible to get good odds on a good value outsider with a little research.


With so many players taking part in a golf tournament, you can usually get some attractive odds and each-way bets can be a good option to cover a player who might fall just short of overall victory.

First Round Leader

The majority of golf tournaments are played over 4 rounds, and a popular betting market is who will lead after the first round. As in any sport, the cream usually rises to the top eventually, with one of the favourite players in the betting often winning outright. However, you can often get a surprise leader after the first round at very attractive odds.

To Make the Cut

In this bet you are wagering on a player to make or miss the cut in a tournament. You won’t get great odds on the likes of Rory McIlroy to make the cut, but if you think a big-name player is off their game or carrying an injury, it can be worth backing them to miss it. Conversely, you can sometimes find value in a rank outsider making the cut if they are coming into the tournament on the back of a good performance or are playing at their local course.

2/3 Balls

In most golf tournaments, players tee off in pairs or trios, and play through a round together. This market enables you to bet who of the 2 or 3 players in question will shoot the best round over 18 holes. It’s a good way to have an interest in one single group of players on the course.


A Hole-In-One in golf is akin to a 147-break in snooker or a 9-dart 501 in darts – it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s a notable event. Some courses will have a hole where the possibility of a Hole-In-One can make betting on it worth an interest.

Other Golf Betting Markets

  • Ante-Post Betting – The golfing calendar is centred around several big tournaments each year. You can bet on any of the following year’s Majors almost as soon as that year’s tournament has been completed.
  • Nationality of Tournament Winner - Golf is popular worldwide today, with players from all corners of the globe. The USA will usually dominate this market, but there are a number of other countries with several excellent players too.

Golf Betting Strategies

Having a bet on a golf tournament can provide great entertainment and be potentially lucrative to boot. However, as with any sports betting, it’s vital that you do your research and have a thorough understanding of the markets on which you’re betting.

Below we go into a few useful golf betting tips and strategies that can aid you in your quest:

Start Simple

If you have little or no experience in golf betting, don’t start with anything too complicated. Stick to small stakes and maybe restrict yourself to a couple of place bets in one of the Majors. With experience, you will gain greater knowledge and be able to consider other markets.

Research Form, Stats & Course Preferences

Check recent performances to see which players are currently hot and look at how players have historically performed at any given course. Many players prefer certain types of courses and will often perform accordingly.

Look for Value Bets

Look for free bets, odds boosts and money back promotions where you can benefit. These can often be available ahead of each of the Majors, so always check all the latest golf betting offers right here on

Check the Weather

The weather can sometimes be a significant issue when betting on golf. Bad weather during part of a round can seriously damage a player’s chances, particularly if it is fine when other contenders are on the course.

Major Golf Tournaments

The PGA’s four major tournaments – The Masters; US Open; The Open Championship and the USPGA Championship - are the biggest golf tournaments to bet on, with each being watched by millions worldwide and seeing enormous betting interest.

Here are some of the other biggest tournaments on the golf calendar:

  • Ryder Cup - a biennial team event between the USA and Europe also invariably provides fantastic drama and entertainment and a myriad of betting opportunities.
  • Solheim Cup – the women’s version of the Ryder Cup, which is also played on a biennial basis between the USA and Europe.
  • The Players Championship - Sometimes referred to as “the fifth Major”. The Players Championship is the most popular tournament of the PGA Tour outside of the four actual Majors.

Golf Betting FAQs

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What Types of Golf Bets Can I Place?

There are a multitude of golf bets that can be made, such as tournament winner, place, or specific achievements like a Hole in One.

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What is the Best Golf Betting Advice?

Only ever bet what you can afford to lose and always seek out the best odds. In such large fields, you can get some large variations in odds and place or each-way terms across different bookmakers.

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Should I Back the Same Players in All Golf Tournaments?

It's a personal choice, but be aware that the courses, greens, and weather conditions can vary markedly from one tournament to the next. All players have their preferences and aversions.

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Is It Possible to Bet on Live Betting in Golf?

Certainly. Live betting on golf is widely available and the sport is ideally suited to it. The Ryder Cup has provided some thrilling drama and superb live betting down the years.