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What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 is a type of multiple bet which consists of four selections and 15 individual bets. This bet is widely used in horse racing and greyhound racing but can include selections from any sport. Keep reading to learn more about the Lucky 15 bet, the bets within it and how it works.

What Bets Are in a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 bet is a multiple (or combo) bet consisting of 15 separate bets. This bet is popular as it allows you to combine multiple outcomes into one bet while giving additional bonuses and concessions.

The Lucky 15 bet is broken down into the following 15 bets. It is basically the same as a Yankee bet (11 bets) but with the addition of 4 singles which means you only need to get one winner for a consolation return.

  • 4 Singles
  • 6 Doubles
  • 4 Trebles
  • 1 Four-fold Accumulator

A Lucky 15 costs more than regular bets as you are effectively placing 15 different bets (or lines) in one go. Therefore, if you place a £1 Lucky 15 bet it will cost a total of £15, a £2 Lucky 15 will cost £30 etc. If you want a smaller stake you can go with a smaller unit stake of say 10p which would cost £1.50 in total (15 x 10p bets).

Most reputable UK bookmakers will offer additional bonuses and consolations on the Lucky 15 although these vary slightly from bookmaker to bookmaker. There is also often a 10% bonus added for all four winning selections and many bookies will also double or triple the odds if you only have one winning selection.

You can also place each way Lucky 15′s with win singles, doubles, trebles and fourfold along with place singles, doubles, trebles and fourfold. This is a safer bet as it covers you for near misses but it costs double as there are 30 bets rather than the usual 15. So a £1 each way Lucky 15 would cost £30 in total.

Is the Lucky 15 a Good Bet?

Yes, the reason for its popularity is that it gives you an interest in four races or events and also gives you a fair chance to win big for a relatively small stake whilst also providing a decent consolation return for only one winner.

Depending on the odds, one winner on a Lucky 15 can often cover your stake. For example with a £1 Lucky 15, one winner at 15/2 or greater would be doubled to 15/1 and at least return your stake. The more winners you get the more winning bets and the bigger your return. If you get all four winners the returns can be huge.

How Do I Place a Lucky 15 Bet?

You place this bet in the same way as any other bet. Click on the odds of your selection to add it to your betting slip. Keep adding your selections until you have all four in your betting slip and then look for the multiple or multi bet options in the slip. If all your selections are eligible then Lucky 15 should appear as an option. Next enter your until stake and finally confirm the bet.

How Do I Calculate a Winning Lucky 15 Bet?

The more winners in your Lucky 15 the more winning bets you will have to calculate. Using a bet calculator makes things quick and easy. Just enter your bet details into the calculator tool and your returns will be displayed instantly. Remember that many bookies will give you a 10% bonus for getting all four winners and you will usually also get double (or sometimes treble) the odds for just one winner.