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What is a Patent Bet?

A patent is a type of multiple or ‘combo’ bet which consists of three selections combining seven individual bets. It’s a popular bet for horse racing but can include selections from any sport or event.

The seven bets in a patent include singles, doubles and a treble bet so you only need to get one winner for a return. Keep reading to learn more about the patent bet, the bets within it and how it all works.

What bets are in a Patent?

There are seven bets in a win patent and 14 bets in an ‘each way’ patent. Therefore a £1 patent will cost a total of £7 and a £1 each way patent will cost £14. The patent is made up of the following individual bets:

  • 3 Singles - A single bet on each of your three selections.
  • 3 Doubles - Three double bets with selections AB, AC & BC.
  • 1 Treble - A treble / acca on all three selections winning (ABC).

You only need one winner to get a return with a patent, two winners give you a winning double and two winning singles, and three winners give you the maximum return with all seven bets paying out. A patent is similar to a trixie but with the addition of the three single bets.

Is the Patent a good bet?

Yes, we like the patent. It’s a good way of perming three selections you think will win into one bet and can give very big returns for a full house whilst still providing a consolation for one winner. If you want to get your stake back for one winner you will need to be betting at minimum odds of 6/1.

How do I place a Patent bet?

Placing a patent is done in the same way as placing any other bet. Head to your favourite bookmaker, log in and add your three selections into your betting slip. From there you should see options become available for multiple bets, one of which will be the patent.

Enter your chosen unit stake - You can enter any stake but remember that a £1 patent will cost £7. If you want a lower stake you can enter, say 50p, as the unit stake for a total cost of £3.50 (7 x 50p).

If you do not see the patent option available in the bet slip it may be that your selections are not allowed to be combined in this way, for example, if two selections are from the same event. If you need assistance with this contact the bookmaker’s customer support.

How do I work out a winning Patent bet?

The easiest way is to use a patent calculator or bet calculator tool to work out your patent bet winnings. Just submit your bet details, hit the calculate button and your winnings will be displayed.

To calculate your patent bet manually you will make the following calculations using decimal odds.

  • Single bets - decimal odds x unit stake = return (inc stake)
  • Double bets - selection A odds x selection B odds (etc.)  x unit stake = return (inc stake)
  • Treble bets - selection A odds x selection B odds x selection C odds x unit stake = return  (inc stake).

To convert from fractional to decimal odds simply divide the top number by the bottom number and then add one. For example 6/1 becomes 7.00 and 13/2 becomes 7.50 etc.