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What is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee is a type of multiple bet which comprises four selections and 11 individual bets. According to legend, the Yankee was named after an American soldier who placed a small wager when in the UK which won hundreds of thousands of pounds thanks to the various roll-over mechanisms in play.

This bet is most commonly used in horse racing and greyhound racing but you can include selections from any sport or event. Keep reading to learn more about the Yankee bet, the bets within it and how it works.

What bets are in a Yankee?

The 11 individual bets in the Yankee are six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. This means that you will need to get at least two winners (or two places in each way Yankees) to get a return. If you add four single bets to the Yankee it becomes a Lucky 15.

  • 6 Doubles - From  the four selections, six doubles are possible combining the pairs ‘AB’, ‘AC’, ‘AD’, ‘BC’, ‘BD’ and ‘CD’.
  • 4 Trebles - There are four possible treble bets combining three of the four picks - ‘ABC’, ‘ABD’, ‘ACD’, ‘BCD’.
  • 1 Accumulator - Landing this means you have hit the jackpot! If all four selections win you also secure the ‘ABCD’ acca bet.

As with all multiple or combo bets you multiply your unit stake with the number of bets to get the total cost of your bet. So for example, a Yankee with a £1 unit stake would cost £11 (11 x £1) in total and a 50p unit stake Yankee would cost £5.50 (11 x 50p).

You can also place each way Yankees with win doubles, trebles and a fourfold along with place doubles, trebles and a fourfold. This bet offers you some protection for near misses but it will cost twice the amount as there are 22 bets rather than the usual 11. So a £1 each way Yankee would cost £22 in total.

Is the Yankee a good bet?

A Yankee bet offers more chances to win than a single wager thanks to its 11 bets covering different combinations. A minimum of two winners are required from the four selections to get a return (which may or may not cover your stake) but the payouts can really add up with three or all four winners.

It’s a good bet for four solid fancies, such as four Cheltenham ‘good things’, and even with the shorter priced horses, if all four of them win your returns can still be decent thanks to the rollover bets. You can also place each way Yankees (22 bets) if you have some longer priced fancies.

How do I place a Yankee bet?

This bet is placed in the same manner as any other. Simply visit your chosen bookmaker and add your four picks into your betting slip by clicking on the selection’s odds in the usual way.

When you have all four selections in your betting slip, look for the multiples or multi-bet options which should be available somewhere in your betting slip.

Enter your unit stake and the total cost will be calculated and sometimes your potential winnings are displayed also. Once you are happy with your bet press the Confirm button to accept it.

How do I calculate a winning Yankee bet?

You can use a bet calculator or Yankee calculator tool to work out your winning Yankee bets. Just enter your bet info and press the calculator button and your returns will be calculated instantly.