Use the Betdaq i-Phone app to trade your favourite football and horse racing markets as well as having your say on betting for reality TV shows and more through a state of the art app designed exclusively for use on i-Phone.

Whether pre-event or in-play, the odds available on Betdaq for i-Phone are often better than those available with traditional bookmakers, this is because Betdaq act merely as a facilitator between customers wanting to bet with each other and the layers are able to offer any odds they like.

If you’re new to exchange betting and are thinking of downloading Betdaq i-Phone App then we have some good news. Use the links on this page to register and once you’ve paid £5 or more in commission, Betdaq will credit you with a £20 free bet. Once registered, you’ll enjoy acting as the bookmaker on the go, with a low 3% commission rate on winnings, 0% on multiples and one free Premier League game each Saturday.

Claim a £20 free bet when you register with Betdaq

How To Get Betdaq i-Phone App

To start enjoying the Betdaq exchange on your i-Phone, follow the instructions below. It’s free to open an account and very easy to do.

1. Tap DOWNLOAD NOW to go to the mobile version of Betdaq’s website.
2. Register your details and make a deposit using promo code FB520.
3. Once you’ve paid £5 commission, Betdaq will credit your account with a £20 free bet.

Place your free bets on any selection with odds of 1.5 or more on the exchange or mobile exchange app and get the best commission rates available. New members start on 3% commission and can opt to get 50% commission back for the first three months instead of taking the £30 free bet.

If you’re reading this review on your PC or Laptop, click the link above and sign up now to claim your free bet and use your i-Phone to bet via the Betdaq iOS App at a later date.After signing up and claiming your welcome offer, download the i-Phone app from the app store and use your new login details to access your account.

Betdaq i-Phone App Review

As soon as you open the app, you’ll get the feel that Betdaq have spent time and effort on looks as well as performance and in time you’ll come to find it to be a very useful addition to your betting arsenal.

It couldn’t be much easier the find what you’re looking for when using the app. Links to All Sports, Soccer, Horse Racing and Golf along the top of the home screen mean that in just a few taps you’ll be looking at the odds for your desired market/event. And if you’re ever struggling there’s a handy ‘search markets’ function at the top of any page within the app, as well as a navigation menu at the foot of any page to quickly access the in-play markets.

The betting process can be speeded up further still thanks to a list of featured events prominetly displaying the day’s biggest betting events on the home page, while a quick scroll down will reveal the current live betting events – with a list of current in-play sports situated above more events that are soon to get underway.

Betdaq for i-Phone offers pre-event and in-play betting for football, horse racing and a range of top sports, so you can enjoy the best live betting value on your mobile from anywhere with a decent mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Placing a bet is easy, tap on the market you are interested in and decide whether you want to ‘Back’ or ‘Lay’ on the market, depending on whether you want the horse/team/player etc to win or lose. Select the odds displayed in yellow if you’re backing your selection to win or in green if you’re hoping to cash in from defeat.

You can keep track of your matched/unmatched bets with the ‘My Bets’ button in the bottom right which is useful for those trading sports markets in the hope of ‘greening-up’ whereby you can lock in some profit irrespective of the outcome. Use the My Account button to view additional information such as betting history and the ability to set deposit limits and manage general preferences.

The Betdaq i-Phone App gets a big thumbs up with great odds, a nice design and good functionality supplemented by a great range of pre-event and live betting opportunities. The addition of live streaming would be an improvement, but it is still a great betting tool to have on your i-Phone.

5 Reasons To Install Betdaq i-Phone App

  1. £20 Free Bet
  2. Ability to act as the bookmaker and lock-in profit
  3. Broad range of betting opportunities
  4. Considerably higher odds than a traditional bookie
  5. Competitive commission rates

Is My Mobile Device Compatible With Betdaq i-Phone App ?

The Betdaq i-Phone App works well on all i-Phone models and as it’s available on iOS can also be used on i-Pad. Though we recommend using the app where possible, any smartphone or tablet with an internet browser can access the Betdaq mobile site.