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John Fury - Freebets.com ambassador

John Fury, the father of World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury and rising star Tommy Fury is the exclusive brand ambassador and boxing expert for Free Bets.

Setting the Record Straight with John Fury

In a sit-down interview with Freebets.com, John Fury sets the record straight on recent callouts and all the talk that’s been circulating over recent weeks.

John Fury speaks exclusively to Free Bets, covering off Joe Egan, Carl Froch and every other fighting offer. He also provides an update on son’s Tyson, Tommy and Roman, along with a preview of Anthony Joshua versus Francis Ngannou for the 8th of March, Knockout Chaos.

John, how are you doing?

A lot of people have been talking, shouting, screaming, but yet there’s no genuine, written offers have come to my address or to my people.

So, listen, they can all shout, they can all scream, but actions speak louder than words. Put the money across, it’s a business and let’s get on with it.

But they don’t seem to want to do that. They seem to just want to shout and scream, calling me out, trying to embarrass me, which they can’t do.

They could never embarrass a man like me, because I’ve been through too much.

To clarify, there have been no written offers, it’s just talk, it’s just nothing, idle chat.

It seems every man and his dog is calling you out these days. Do you have a message for all of them, using your name for their various agendas?

It’s nothing new and it’s a good point - that’s what they do.

They think by mentioning me and people paying them a few hundred quid to run a podcast to run me down, ‘Oh, I want to fight John Fury’, ‘I think this, I think that’, you know what, thinking has caused people a lot of problems in life.

Thinking and doing are two different things and people don’t seem to understand that today do they?

But you know what, all those people who think they’re hard men, all of them calling me out hear this...

The way they’ve gone about it is unprofessional, so therefore it’s caused me to have an instant dislike for these people. Therefore, why would I want to make them any money?

What they can do, I’ve got a nice barn at the side of me, all of them that think that I’m bothered about fighting, come down.

Me and him will walk in the barn and the best man will come out, just me and him. We’ll shut the door, we’ll lock ourselves in and the best man will come out of the barn.

There’s no money, there’s no fame, there’s nothing but a good hiding for them kinds of people.

That’s if they think they can take me, and I’m telling you they can’t.

It’s interesting your comment about fame there. We’ve been looking at Carl Froch’s entire YouTube channel statistics. The entire history. Do you want to guess two of the most viewed and popular videos on the channel?

I don’t know.

They are the two from the past month that feature you.

Well, there you go then, that says it all. People today, they want to mention me because I’m Tyson’s father, I’m Tommy’s father, Tyson’s at the top of his game and if I wasn’t their father, they wouldn’t be calling me out or mentioning me at all.

Where have they been for the last 30 years these people? I’ve been around boxing all my life. It’s only since the fame with the boys has come about that they think they can get something out of it.

But you know what? I’m not as daft as I look. If they were to do it properly and get around the table and organise it properly, there wouldn’t be a problem. But the way they’ve gone about it to make themselves look like ‘Jolly Big Balls’ behind a camera, I wouldn’t give them two Dollars.

What they can do though, is come down. I’ve got a big empty barn that locks up. Me and them will walk in the barn and the best man will come out, no holds barred.

I’ll give a disclaimer though: Serious harm can occur. On both sides.

But I don’t give a damn, I’m old but you’ll know you’ve been in a war as I will not give up.

Never. If I’m knocked spark out, I can’t carry on, but all the time I’m compos mentis and able, I’m there, throwing.

In setting the record straight, I want to highlight the monthly search volume, globally, in Google search for everyone who’s been calling you out recently and mentioning your name:

Joe Egan: 2,600 Global MSV

I reckon before all this started; it will have been next to nothing too.

Carl Froch: 25,000 Global MSV

Well, there you go, it’s like I said, nobody wants to hear from retired champions, do they? If they were doing so well, they wouldn’t be doing podcasts for a living. I think they’re spent up. They live this exotic lifestyle with all this plastic surgery but it all costs money.

Chase Demoor: 51,000 Global MSV

You John are Googled 108,000 times per month, globally. Based on those statistics, if you and Joe Egan do have a fight, make sure your purse is 50x more than his!

To be completely honest with you, I don’t think they could afford me. The only person I’m looking at who can really bring the numbers in is Mike Tyson.

If I don’t get him, I’m not really interested in these other men. I’m not cheap and for me to climb back into the ring, it’s in the millions, not the thousands.

I don’t think they can’t put it up or they won’t put it up. I’ve had two bets now with these so called, multi, multi-millionaires and both of them have welshed!

Could you imagine if I did that? ‘Oh, I’ve had a bet and John Fury’s not paid’. Well, my name would go up in lights as a welsher, a no-good bum, don’t take this man’s word for nothing, what are these people?

I don’t think they’ve got what they say they’ve got. I think it’s all crap. I’m honest as the day is long. I haven’t got a lot of money; I’m not bothered what people think.

My sons are very rich, but that doesn’t mean to say I’m rich. What they’ve got is theirs, and what I’ve got is mine.

But what I have got is good health, contentment, and peace. And I’m happy... until people start winding me up. But after about ten minutes I can laugh it off, it’s all fun and games, why would I get wound up and bothered by these cowboys?

That’s why I wanted you to see those Google statistics, so you could see the value exchange and why they keep mentioning you.

I’m amazed and all I can say is thank you to all those people who Google me. I’m going to make it even more interesting for them this year when I get going doing different things. I’m going to bring a bit more to my life and try to help the genuine people out there. Not the cowboys looking for a free ride on somebody else’s back.

That’s never going to happen for these guys, let them have their five minutes of fun, let people keep paying them the £500 a time to run me down on a podcast. These people today get hold of my sons and often try to find out information and get their thoughts about me.

I’ve been in shark infested waters since I’ve been born. I’ve had these people around me all my life and I’ve learned from experience. I’ve fallen over a lot of times, I’ve crashed a lot of times, but I’m still alive.

Any final comments you want to make, setting the record straight before we move on?

Listen, there’s not a problem, they’re never going to get out of me, what they think they’ll get out of me because I’m not that daft and when I don’t like you, I ain’t giving you two bob.

Unless you pay me a lot of money, in the millions. That’s what it’s got to be because I think I’m worth it and I’m willing to back it up.

Let me say this again: Without written offers and contracts to my lawyer, you can shout and talk as much as you want. I’m making no more videos, I’m not responding to this anymore as I’ll be doing it every five minutes.

I know the majority of people out there don’t like me but the ones that do, I thank them and even the haters, I’ll pray for them.

It’s just jealousy. They see an old man like me, in the latter years of my life - at my age I could pop off any minute - they’re thinking he’s won nothing in his life, he’s just a bum, yet people are interested in more than me.

They all just talk rubbish on a podcast, hoping somebody’s going to listen. Let them carry on, it doesn’t bother John Fury.

I know you’re not involved in Tyson’s camp, but from his recent appearances he looks in good shape. What do you make of his physique?

I said they would have to impress me and hands up, they have. He looks well, doesn’t he? I was very sick about the cut because when I saw the shape he was in, he must have dedicated himself and that pleases me immensely.

I’ve always said 70% of Tyson is too much for Usyk, but we look like we’re getting more than 70% there. He looks the best shape he’s been in, since he won the title. I was impressed, they’ve done the work, so good luck to them, he looked in good shape for the time he had to as well, which was short notice. Incredible.

Tyson’s recently laid out plans for 5 upcoming fights, given the speed with which fights are being organised now, do you think he can have those wrapped up within the next 18 months or even sooner?

I don’t think you can look five fights in the future, not at this level. It all depends on each result. In the ideal world, it would be great for him. But in my experience in life, what’s right today is wrong tomorrow.

If all goes well, it’s doable.

Roman’s fighting out in Saudi in just about a month’s time, can you give us a preview of how you expect it to go? Are you expecting another knockout win?

I’ve never seen someone that works harder than him. He’s in the gym everyday and he’s got no car at the moment, so I’ve been training him here in Eccles at Brian Gardner’s gym. Big up to Brian for helping us out.

Roman... he can punch. Southpaw. Cracking power, he’s good game and I see him going far due to his attitude and the way he trains. He’s sparring good quality opponents, who are coming from all over the U.K. and he’s looking really good.

With power you’ve got a lot to work with. He’s getting match right, he’s not jumping over his head. I am expecting him to knock a lot more opponents out. More knockout victories than points, he’s got that kind of power.

Once he settles down and gains even more confidence - remember he’s had no amateur experience and only started training in lockdown because he was 20 stone - what he’s done in a short time is incredible. He’s turned his life around. I’m proud of him for doing that.

I saw for Tommy’s training camp Roman was there with him.

Roman and Tommy have always been in the same camp, training side by side because one buzzes off the other. One’s trying to outdo the other all the time, it’s good competition. They bring the best out of one another those two.

It’s good to have a training partner that’s as fit as you, as strong as you and want what you want.

I see good things happening for him. Whether he’s going to win a world title or not, that’s another matter, that’s a long way in the future if it ever happens but at this moment in time, I’m more than pleased with him and I think he’s a decent prospect.

He’s 27 and in today’s world that’s nothing. Back when I was boxing you were retiring at 31 but now at 42, you’re just coming into it aren’t you!

I moved him up to heavyweight, he’s 6ft 2, can move around the ring, has good power, good coordination, good brain, thinking about it and every fight he has, he’s going to improve.

How’s Tommy doing? Saw his Instagram picture of his operation, is he getting back on the mend?

I saw a video the other day of the operation and it was scary. I think the specialist said it was one of the worst cases they’d ever done, but it was a success. It’s just time. It is healing but he’s frustrated at the minute because he can’t train.

And when you’re used to training since the age of five years old, you can’t hit the pads, you can’t hit the bags, you can’t spar, it’s very frustrating. But I’ve just said, ‘put your feet up, enjoy some time with your family and enjoy the time off. You’re 24 years old and these things happen in life.’

Everything is going well though, thank you for asking.

Jake Paul, Logan Paul, influencer fighting are those the planned fights for Tommy when he’s back or you thinking going more traditional for the return?

If traditional boxing was paying well that would be the case. We will fight anybody out there today if it makes business sense.

Tommy’s 10-0 but he’s not won any titles so he’s getting paid nothing. It’s not worth bothering with. I feel sorry for those starting their professional careers now, 3-0, 4-0 fighters, they’re better off doing a job or working. When it takes you 6 weeks to train, you’re working at the same time, you’re never going to be at your best.

I’ve been there and done it. You can never get the best out of yourself as you’re doing two jobs at once. You’re not getting paid enough. What you need to get it right as a good prospect is a good sponsor who is prepared to say forget everything and concentrate on your job. If you can’t get that, it’s not worth bothering.

Tommy had a stroke of luck; it was meant to be. I always say what’s for you won’t pass you by. Love Island came along and made him a household name and gave him a good platform for people to want to do something with him.

Now we do what we have got to do: train and fight. I look at these things and if they make good business sense, we’re doing it.

I don’t care if we’re fighting Mickey Mouse. If it’s good business sense, we’re in. That’s what it is, it’s all about fun and games today. The world’s too serious, if Jake Paul, Logan Paul and co can generate what Tommy’s happy with, where’s the problem?

People are in the fight game for one reason: to change their families lives. To make their lives better. So, if you can have an easier route or a hard route, to pick the hard route you’d need your brain testing. My job is to make sure the route and the path is the right one.

Looking ahead to May, Anthony Joshua has come out and said he’s ready to step in, in the event of a pull out by Tyson.

He’s got to get past Ngannou first which is a tall order.

Your preview of that fight?

He’s a danger man Ngannou, a big dude, fit, strong, and believes in himself. He is able, he’s in your face, doesn’t mind a tear up. Joshua has to get past him before he even thinks about stepping in for anybody else.

And he’s lost to Usyk twice already and if you’ve lost twice, is there going to be that much interest in a third fight? It’s only going to be the same thing: Usyk outpointing him.

People want to see Tyson vs Usyk and Tyson will not be pulling out. I’ll tell you that now.

Have you seen Tyson since he’s come back to the UK?


Preview of Zhang vs Parker ahead of March?

Fair play to Joe Parker, he’s got a set. He’s probably getting well paid, but Zhang is a difficult guy to beat. I’m a big fan of his: I like what he does: 6ft 6, southpaw, can punch, he’s clinical and can do the business.

Joe at 31 is the younger man, he’s the fresher man and he’s just shown what he can do. He could easily pull another upset, the same way he beat Wilder.

Wilder wasn’t himself that night, Tyson beat him up that much, he’s not got over it after the 3 hard encounters.

Zhang though is different opposition: still fresh, still strong, still hungry, not got a hundred million miles on the clock and he’s banging with both hands.

Great fight though, big up to Joe Parker, he’s getting in with the right guys, he’s capable of beating anyone, he’s got plenty of bottle, he’s tough so he’s capable of springing upsets with anybody.

Joe can rise to the occasion, he never got phased by Wilder and did what he had to do.

Johnny Nelson implied he has an inside man in Tyson’s camp, Spencer Brown said he believes there’s a rat, do you think Tyson needs to review the training team?

I think it’s total bullshit, these names flying around, the person who’s been named there is a nice fellow, I don’t buy into that.

Usyk’s manager has said Tyson is a coward and claimed the cut was deliberate to get out of the fight. Do you think they’re clutching at straws?

I’m surprised that men of their experience at the top level, being around top fighters can even talk like that. It’s absolute rubbish, it’s silly and they are just making themselves look stupid.

They’re embarrassing themselves with those kinds of accusations. They’re worried, they’ve always been worried. When they’ve seen the shape Tyson’s in, they’ve thought, ‘hang on, we’ve dropped a clanger here’. They thought they’d see a Tyson who hasn’t trained.

But you know what, that’s where you can get caught out, thinking you know too much. Usyk said he can’t fight in April because it interferes with his training schedule. What does that mean?

His team make themselves look stupid. They were frightened, they were afraid, they knew their man was going to get smashed to bits. I saw the shape Tyson was in. He was in for it, Usyk.

All those people cheering Usyk on, thinking he’s going to do the job, let me tell you, he can’t do the job. Tyson’s tunnel visioned and as Fury’s we thrive off the hate.

All those who think that a little blown-up middle weight is doing the business, forget about it. I’ll be lucky to see Usyk be fighting in May. Tyson will be ready. Can Usyk be ready? Saying

Tyson’s wife hit him with a frying pan... what an idiot. Accusations and bullshit, the sparring partner has said what’s happened, why don’t they just let them get on with it. Accidents happen. Talking rubbish is not going to change anything, so shut it, keep it buttoned, and let them fight on the 18th of May. Then it’ll be decided.

Wrapping it up, John, have you got any plans for the spring/ summer?

Same old, same old, I’ve got a little old Shepherd’s hut, I’ve just finished it, just built a new one. It took me about three and a half months to do it with the help of some proper carpenters but I’m just going to chill out when I can.

There’s nothing left for me in life now. There’s nothing I want. I can’t name nothing I want.

And a man that doesn’t want anything can’t be bought, can he? Everybody will lend you a brolly on a dry day, but they want it back when it’s raining.

So, I’m just going to do my thing and whatever makes me happy and gives me peace, I’m going to do. I’m going to keep living until I die.

But to clear it all up once again, for all these mugs if you don’t like me that much, there’s a barn at the side here, step in it with me. lock us in and the best man will walk out no holds barred.

But again, a disclaimer: serious harm can occur and will occur. put that in your pipe and smoke it

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Fight previews are a big part of boxing, we love opinions from anyone, and we know that you want to hear from those associated with the sport when big events come around.

If there’s a fight planned, then we’ll make sure we time our chat’s with John around that, so you can hear what he has to say about the fight, and he will no doubt give us his predictions for who will win, what round they’ll win, and no doubt exactly how the fight will end, even down to the type of punch that will be delivered!

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