Covering the Roulette Table


Covering the Roulette Table

Firstly, it needs to be pointed out that it is in fact impossible to cover the whole of the roulette table and on every spin make a profit. The idea to do this is obviously very interesting but it doesn’t actually overcome the odds of the game.

With this system you will find that the chances are you will lose more than you could win. If for example you bet on number blocks 1-18 and 19-36 plus zero you would indeed have a win every spin, although you would also lose a lot more than you would win.

The only real option is to look at covering as large a portion of the table as possible whilst keeping your fingers crossed that it is going to be your lucky day.

How to Best Try and Cover the Table

Bet on 35 of the 36 numbers – The big risk here is that because your outlay is 35 chips, as soon as you are unlucky and have a loss you will be out of pocket by £35 if you are using £1 chips, whereas when you win you are only going to be in profit by £1. You could hit a winning streak at first but one loss can easily wipe out any profit you have made.

To realistically be in with a chance with this approach you need 36 wins for each loss but over the long term this isn’t very likely to happen.

Bet on 17 different splits – The risk with this option is not as high as with trying to cover 35 numbers even though you are still covering 34 numbers in total. A split is two numbers that are side by side and you are placing one chip to cover both.

Therefore your outlay is only £17 per spin this time around. If you do lose it is not as big a loss as covering 35 numbers but if you win you are still only in profit by £1.

Bet on 11 streets – Dropping down one number again to now cover 33 numbers can be achieved by making 11 ‘street’ bets. If you look at the roulette table you can see the numbers in rows such as 1, 2, 3 or maybe 4, 5, 6. These are street bets where you use your chips to cover 3 numbers at a time.

Bet on 5 double streets (lines) – This option reduces the amount of numbers covered again, this time down to 30. Here you will bet on groups of 6 numbers, two streets together which is also known as a line.

1-18 and third Dozen – This way of betting is just really a variation on the option above where you bet on 5 double streets, therefore you are again covering 30 numbers. The difference is that you would bet 3 chips (£3 in our case) on the number block 1-18 and £2 on the third dozen. If either of these areas of the table comes in your will be in profit by £1.

There are other options to achieve the same with this type of betting. For example you could place the bets on the first dozen and the number block 19-36 instead. The result would be the same.

4 Splits and 2 columns – This final one is an interesting betting technique but does lift the risk up further than the last couple of options. Here you will be betting £14 per spin and covering 32 of the 36 numbers. Firstly, select 2 of the three columns of 12 numbers and place a £5 bet on each. Then out of the column you did not select, place 4 £1 split bets.

Basically if you win on a column you will be in profit by £1 and if you win on a split you will make £4 profit.


As mentioned earlier and after looking at the options above you can see it is in fact impossible to cover the whole of the roulette table and on every spin make a profit. You also need to note that at no time is the green zero covered which is what gives the house the advantage.

Therefore these options may not work for a long run on the roulette table and will also not make you a large amount of profit but could create a big loss if you are unlucky in your first few spins of the wheel.