Flat Betting with Roulette

Flat Betting with Roulette

When you look over the various systems and strategies that we discuss here on Free Casino you can see that almost all involve some sort of Mathematical progression based on having to either increase or decrease your bet dependent on whether you have won or lost.

Flat betting has no mathematical system attached to it at all and is simply based around betting the same amount on the same part of the table over and over again. The main issue here is that over a long sustained period of play you will lose to the house edge especially if you are just using the outside bets i.e. Red or Black, Odd or Even and number blocks 1-18 or 19-36.

For example lets pretend to play on a European table which means there is just one single zero on the wheel giving 37 numbers in total. Spinning the wheel a total of 37 times with a single chip being bet on ODD each time would mean you lose overall because of the zero (the house edge).

Therefore most people use flat betting on the inside bets such as single numbers or splits rather than the even chance bets.


Although not sounding like much of a strategy, flat betting can still have an advantage for playing Roulette. This can be especially so if you are betting on single numbers and you win in your early few bets. With a single number paying out 36/1 you will have a bigger win early.

It is also a steady approach to playing especially if you want to make your time at the table last longer and making the most of any spending limit you have set yourself. You will also not suffer any potentially big loses like some other systems could produce if you lose.

Looking at the downside, if you were hoping to win big then unless you score a win early, over the longer period of time there is not too much scope for profit. This is especially so because of the house edge against you as mentioned earlier. It can also be fairly boring compared to the thrill of some of the other systems you could try.

Overall if you want to play extremely safe Roulette then flat betting is most likely the safest form of betting you could use. However you must always bear in mind that in the long term you are very unlikely to see any profit using this approach. Basically, the lower the risk the lower the potential profit if you win.

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