Using Dozens and Columns as a Strategy for Roulette

Using Dozens and Columns as a Strategy for Roulette

Looking at the systems that are most common among players you can usually find they are based around Red or Black. Next in popularity come the dozens and columns with each of these blocks of 12 numbers covering a third of the table.

Although to be fair it is not exactly a third due to the green single zero or double zero dependent on whether you are playing on a European or American roulette table.

There are two main strategies that you can use here. You can either bet on a single column/dozen at a time or bet on 2 columns/dozens at a time. Lets take a closer look.

Single Column/Dozen First decide which column or dozen you are going to bet on and start off your bet with a single chip. If you win then great you are already ahead and you would start at 1 chip again. However if you lose then you would need to follow the sequence shown below until you win:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 9 – 13 – 20 – 30 – 45 – 67 – 100

If you happen to win anywhere along the sequence of numbers you will regain all your losses and have a small profit. The big problem though that I am sure you can see is that if you do not win then you have a big loss to deal with.

Another obvious problem is that with only betting on a total of 12 numbers means you are more likely to lose more often and you may experience a long losing streak.

To try and negate this problem some players choose to watch the table and wait a period of time to see how many times a column or dozen is not hit and then bet on those 12 numbers. How long you would wait before you bet is up to you but some players can wait 10 maybe even 20 spins before betting on a column or dozen that has not yet come up.


Double Columns/Dozens Because the strategy above does not cover a large enough area of the Roulette table to benefit from increased chances of winning then betting on 2 different columns or dozens will help solve that.

If this is a better option for you then the sequence of betting needed would now be as follows:

1 – 3 – 9 – 27 – 81 – 243

These numbers increase in size very quickly due to the fact if you experience a loss you need to triple your bets for the chance to regain your losses and make a profit. The positive side is that you will have more wins than covering only one column/dozen but a losing streak can quickly drain your funds and make it very hard to recover.

Again there are some players who wait until a dozen/column has hit maybe 3 times before betting on the other 2 dozen numbers but you have to remember that it doesn’t change the odds of the game as each spin of the wheel is independent of each other.

As with all strategies and systems it is a good idea to make sure you have set a point at which you will walk away whether you are winning or especially losing.

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