What are the best Casino Bonus Options for you?

What are the best Casino Bonus Options for you?

If you have frequented a popular online casino recently, you may well have been surprised by the range and generosity of promotional offers available. This is arguably the seminal trend dominating the industry at present, as brands are increasingly keen to compete within a crowded and popular space. Promotions are an excellent way to achieve this, which is why we have seen such a wide diversity of offers and discounts that translate into increasing higher amounts of free or subsidised gameplay.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most popular and generous promotional offers available through online casinos.

The Welcome Package

This is available to new customers, and is offered as a no strings bonus that translates into a fixed amount of 100% free gameplay. Take the Euro Grand Casino, for example, which currently offers new registrants a £250 welcome bonus and up to 25 free spins on a slot of each individual player’s choosing. Given that this type of offer is unconditional and not dependent on players making a specific deposit, it enables players to essentially play for free and record anything that they earn as 100% profit.


The First Deposit Match

This bonus option is prevalent across almost all online casinos, and it is arguably the classic promotional package for new players. Rather than attributing players with free gameplay, it instead pledges to match their initial deposit up to a fixed percentage. Usually is 100%, although the level of competition in the marketplace has encouraged some brands to offer anywhere between 200% and 400% as a first deposit match. Even a 100% match essentially doubles your money, so this is well worth consideration for online players.

The Second and Third Deposit Match

As you will have noticed, these promotions tend to target new registrants and first-time players. This alienates existing players, however, and many companies are looking to resolve this by introducing second and in some instances third deposit matches. While the deposit match amount tapers across first, second and third deposits (usually from 100% to 50% and then 25%), it ensures that players are rewarded for loyalty and long-term gameplay. This is an important consideration, and one that ensures that all types and players demographics feel as though they are a part of their chosen brand.