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Premier League Handicap Winner Betting Guide for 2021/22

The Premier League is one of the most bet on tournaments across any sport and has a huge range of markets in which you can play.

One of the most exciting during any season are those outright markets, and in particularly the handicap betting market.

Premier League handicap betting is a brilliant way in which to boost your odds and below you’ll find all you need to know about the market right here…

How Does Season Handicap Betting Work?

Season handicap betting is a relatively simple concept to understand and involves betting on the team that you believe will achieve the most Premier League points, except taking a handicap into account.

This works by giving teams extra points based upon the bookies outright odds for the Premier League. The favourite for the division works off scratch, with every other side having a handicap, differing in size dependent on how favoured they are to win the league. So, a top six side would have a much lower handicap than a relegation candidate would.

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For Example:

Let’s say Manchester City are favourite for the title, they will start from scratch so ultimately have to overcome any handicap by another team if they were to win the title.

Liverpool may have a handicap of +5 with a bookmaker, essentially giving them a five point head start in the title race.

Let’s say you wished to place a bet on Liverpool in this scenario. In total, without the handicap added they scored 87 points, giving them a total of 92 points including handicap.

In order to win, no other team must exceed 92 points, including their handicap. So, let’s say Manchester United finished on 76 points but had a handicap of +17, that would then give them a finishing score of 93 points and therefore you would lose.

Premier League Handicap 2021/22 Season

Many different bookmakers offer this market, including major names such as Betfair, Coral and more.

They’ll be published ahead of every season and the Premier League Handicap 2020/21 listings generally look a little like this…

  • Arsenal (+24)
  • Aston Villa (+50)
  • Brighton (+47)
  • Burnley (+47)
  • Chelsea (+14)
  • Crystal Palace (+49)
  • Everton (+35)
  • Fulham (+52)
  • Leeds (+40)
  • Leicester (+32)
  • Liverpool (+4)
  • Manchester City (scr)
  • Manchester Utd (+16)
  • Newcastle (+47)
  • Sheffield United (+46)
  • Southampton (+40)
  • Tottenham (+26)
  • West Brom (+53)
  • West Ham (+44)
  • Wolves (+31)

All Premier League handicap odds will then be based on the bookmakers’ figures given at the beginning of the season.

Premier League Handicap Betting 2021/22 Predictions

Liverpool ran away with the Premier League last season but a quiet transfer window coupled with some big deals at other clubs means that they are expected to find defending the title tougher than winning it.

Man City are the scratch option in the market but it’s Chelsea with their +14 points who look the best bet at 12/1 with bet365 thanks to the wealth of talent to have joined the club in the transfer window.

Wolves have also signed well (as is the norm with that club) and could have a particularly good season in the Premier League without the distraction of European football so they are tempting at 15/1 with bet365 and a +31 point handicap applied.

A good way to make a selection is to look at last season’s finishing positions with this season’s handicap.

Liverpool 99 + 5 = 104 Burnley 54 + 47 = 101 Leicester 62 + 32 = 94 Crystal Palace 43 + 49 = 92 Southampton 52 + 40 = 92 Newcastle 44 + 47 = 91 Wolves 59 + 31 = 90 Brighton 41 + 47 = 88 Everton 49 + 35 = 86 Tottenham 59 + 26 = 85 West Ham 39 + 44 = 83 Manchester United 66 + 16 = 82 Man City 81 + scratch = 81 Chelsea 66 + 14 = 80 Arsenal 56 + 24 = 80 Leeds promoted + 40 = ? West Brom promoted + 53 = ? Fulham promoted + 52 = ?

Liverpool would likely provide a winner in this case, but across the season it’s unlikely you’ll find great value odds on them.

Where you would have found a bit of value is in the likes of Burnley, Crystal Palace and Southampton providing they can improve a bit form last season.

Premier League Handicap Odds & Markets

You’ll find a number of Premier League handicap betting market options available, but most widely played is of course the Premier League Winner odds.

The start of the season is when most people place their bets in the handicap markets but you’ll find that the best online bookmakers featured here on keep their markets running throughout the season so there is always a chance to get involved.