What Are E-Sports? Probably The Fastest And Most Exciting Sport On The Planet

It’s very likely you’ve heard of esports, but it’s also pretty likely you’re not quite sure what it means. Well, the clue is most certainly in the name and in a nutshell, it’s an electronic sport where competitors play via computer games.

ESport Free Bets

Today, millions of people play all over the world, from their own living rooms to professionals at huge events such as The International and the Evolution Championship Series. And it’s incredibly lucrative too.

Whether it be online FIFA tournaments or Dota 2, millions of fans tune in and plenty are betting on the outcome too, just as they would on the horse racing or in the FA Cup.

How Has Esports Grown? From The Basement To The Arena

Esports has been picking up pace since the late 2000s when an underground subculture began to pick up in popularity. Largely down to the ability to play console games online, and the rise of sites such as Twitch TV where you can watch people play online, esports has taken off phenomenally.

South Korea is largely credited to the explosion in its popularity and by 2010 there were around 260 tournaments worldwide, with many of the most prestigious tournaments today emerging during this period.

The World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming and the Intel Extreme Masters paved the way for a household audience, and with it came esports betting.

Some of the UK’s biggest bookmakers now offer odds on major tournaments, with numerous Dota 2 betting promotions and Major League Gaming free bets to be had.

By 2020, it’s estimated the esports betting market will be worth a staggering $30billion, despite it only just breaking out of that subculture market. It’s an exciting market, and at Freebets.com, we don’t want you missing out on any of the best esports betting offers!

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Best Esports Betting Sites: Where You Should Place Your Money

As you know, at Freebets.com we’ve always got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing where to put your money and with esports it’s no different. More and more of the best UK bookies are laying on odds for League of Legends World Championships and the ELEAGUE, so here’s a handful of our most recommended…



You’ll find all major tournaments and esports series with bet365 and plenty of great offers too. You’ll find odds on the likes of League of Legends, TI7 Dota 2 and the League of Legends World Championship here as well as much more.

Naturally, bet365 is very popular within the football market, and you’ll even find ways to back FIFA 2017 tournaments with this bookmaker.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power were one of the first major bookmakers to offer esports online betting back in 2011 before taking a break and returning in 2015 where they now have a wide range of tournaments available to back. Titles range from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, and of course League of Legends.

Esports Betting Odds

Throughout the year you’ll find plenty of esports betting odds and at Freebets.com we pride ourselves on finding the best ones for you. You’ll find odds on the biggest StarCraft, League of Legends and Dota 2 tournaments with a range of markets and offers with the likes of SkyBet and Betway.

These include:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicap Betting
  • Outright Tournament Winner
  • Best of Three Score

While in a number of events you’ll get odds on the number of dragons slain, first to draw blood, total kills scored, and many others depending on the esport.

Upcoming Esports Events and Matches

League of Legends:

June 2 – August 6: NA LCS Summer Split

June 1 – August 13: EU LCS Summer Split

May 30 – August 6: LCK Summer Split

Dota 2:

October 28-29: ESL One Hamburg


July 14 – 16: Evo

August 25 – 27: Shine 2017

Dec 1 – 3: 2GG Championship


July 7-9: ESL One: Cologne

July 14 – 16: DreamHack Valencia

July 21 – 23: DreamHack Atlanta

September 8 – 10: DreamHack Montreal

September 16 -17: ESL One: New York

October 20 – 22: DreamHack Denver

November 30 – December 2: DreamHack Winter


July 5 – August 4: GSL 2017 S3 RO32

July 13 – 15: DreamHack Valencia

July 27 – 30: GSL vs the World

August 16 – 25: GSL 2017 S3 RO16

August 30 – September 1: GSL 2017 S3 Quarter Final

September 6 – 8: GSL 2017 S3 Semi Final

September 16: DreamHack Montreal

September 28 – October 1: GSL Super Tournament II

ESports Betting Markets:

Match Betting

One of the most popular bets on esports is the simple match bet where you back your winner of any match. Whether it be on LOL esports or FIFA 2017, a match bet is perfect if you know your winner.

Live/In-Play Betting

With tournaments going on throughout the year and almost every day, in-play betting gives punters the chance to add even more excitement to their viewing. You can bet in-play on many major tournaments with the big StarCraft tournaments and LoL very popular with live esports betting.


Parlay betting is an incredibly popular type of esports betting that allows users to bet two or more point spreads or wagers, earning a higher payout than betting on each bet individually.


Bonus bets are naturally the best type of bets because it adds that little bit extra to your wager. Bonuses come in many different forms dependent on the bookmaker and it’s always worth checking out the bonus offers Freebets.com scours out every day.

Is Esports Betting Legal In The UK?

Esports betting in the UK is legal and are regulated under UK gambling laws. Any operating company in the UK are required to have a UK gambling licence and any esports titles that constitute as gambling events also require this.

All the UK’s top bookmakers that offer esports are legally allowed to do so and it’s incredibly safe to do so via them. Not only will you find the best odds but you’ll be able to play in a safe and secure environment without the need to worry of legalities. Assuming you’re over the age of 18 of course.