Free Betting Offers

Want something for nothing? Who doesn’t? Freebies are what we love best at and we know how to make the most of a free bet!

UK bookmakers offer some of the best free bets on the planet and you’ll find all the latest free bet offers and exclusive promotions not available elsewhere.

But not only do we seek out these amazing deals for you, we’ll review each and every one of them so you can see exactly what’s being offered, how to claim your free bet, and which one most suits you. All this without the need to read all the terms and conditions yourself. Perfect!

T&Cs apply and wagering requirements to all of the bonus offers listed above. 18+ only.

Featured Free Bets

T&Cs apply and wagering requirements to all of the bonus offers listed above. 18+ only.

What Is A Free Bet Offer?

More often than not you’ll be offered a free bet as a new customer, which is perfect when you like to shop around and open multiple accounts.

There are a great way to get started and more often than not a new customer offer will be a free bet. However, some online bookmakers do offer enhanced odds for customers, with extra winnings rewarded as free bets.

Traditionally a ‘Free Bet’ offer is directly related to the size of your first bet.  Most sizeable online bookmakers will match your first bet with a free bet offer of the same size.

Others will give you less and some, considerably more. It is well worth shopping around to get the best free bet offers and opening/operating more than one online account can pay handsome rewards.

But the online betting landscape does not work on geological time, quite the opposite, it is fast moving and changes quickly.  In recent times online bookmakers have taken to offering their new customers free bets without the need to make a cash deposit or place an initial bet.

These ‘No Deposit Free Bet Offers’ have no risk attached to them.  New customers cannot lose any of their hard-earned money, only gain if finding a winner or two. However, unlike the more traditional matched bet offers, the amount a new player can win via a ‘No Deposit Free Bet Offer’ can be limited.

Whichever type of free bet you decide to take it is very clear there has never been a better time to be a punter.  

These free bet offers really do represent something for nothing and, in the 40 years before online betting existed, new bettors never received them – or as much as a free cup of tea!

Compare Free Betting Offers

Naturally, it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions for free bet offers. At we highlight everything you need to know about the offers given by our favourite bookmakers and it’s well worth exploring everything we offer in order to get the best bang for your buck.

The way you are paid winnings can vary from bookie to bookie, while the way you can use your free bet can also change dependent on bookmaker.

In some situations a ‘Special Offer Price Boost’ can be more valuable than a free bet offer. Once again we have conveniently listed where the best offers lay.  Similarly a number of top-drawer online sportsbooks, such as Paddy Power, give away free bets as part of their standard business terms.

These free bets offers, which are clearly advertised on selected bookmakers sites, are issued in the event of your horse finishing second to a winning favourite or if your accumulator on the football comes up one winner short for example.

Free Bets Promo Codes

To make sure new customers get all that is due to them in terms of free bet promotion offers, you will often need to enter a promotion code in a specified area when opening a new account.

Once again we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a comprehensive list of the appropriate promo codes associated with each site.

But this is not the only time you may be asked to provide a promo code.  Some sites send out ‘reload’ offers to their customers, which offer punters a second or third free bet offer for making further deposits into your account.

Similarly loyal customers of some companies, regularly receive (by email) a promo code which give them a complimentary free bet.